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  • Synergy is a management consulting firm that specialises

  • in provision of a range of consulting services.

  • Our Synergy personalised agreement is

  • an employment contract.

  • It is the standard employment contract that

  • everybody in Synergy regardless of what your job

  • and role is in Synergy, everyone has the same agreement.

  • The primary difference in the personalised agreement

  • is that it contractually gives all of our employees

  • the legal right to determine their own working patterns.

  • Workplace arrangements I'd put down as the number one

  • reason for being able to attract and retain our staff.

  • I am doing my PhD, and that's a core part of my life I guess.

  • So we spoke quite in-depth around how can that work

  • within Synergy Group in terms of a flexible working

  • arrangement, but it's also how we work with the client

  • to say they're available four days a week,

  • they're available three days a week, but this is how we're

  • going to supplement that resource to deliver

  • the outcome to you.

  • In having these flexible workplace arrangements,

  • we don't back away from being a high performing

  • professional organisation in any sense.

  • I work part time arrangements, and in doing

  • that I also work sort of more non-standard hours.

  • I think you've got to be open with your people.

  • Everybody's different, and I think it's really

  • important to manage people's expectations upfront.

  • Because of my arrangements and appreciating the

  • flexibility that I have, I kind of really respect that

  • and I'm really keen to contribute.

  • So I work really hard and I work efficiently when I'm at work.

  • In terms of my advice to other small businesses who

  • want to have a go at flexible workplace arrangements,

  • I would absolutely recommend it to them,

  • that the rewards will be repaid a thousand times

  • over in terms of the loyalty of their staff and

  • the dedication of their staff.

  • From our point of view it's absolutely commercially viable.

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