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  • i won't lie i i love staying in hotel rooms it  makes me feel like some kind of clever successful  

  • businessman he's really made it in life but  unfortunately the reality is somewhat different  

  • the fact that my worldly possessions are  stuffed into two bangs over by that table  

  • and my glamorous hotel view consists of a roof  covered in a never-ending sea of air conditioning  

  • units certainly does take some of the magic away  from it all and instead of making business deals  

  • worth millions i've sat here for 25 minutes  now pondering a difficult decision i faced  

  • over last night's dinner i was at this cheap  sushi restaurant and after the main meal there  

  • were two desserts that caught my eye a pudding and  a premium pudding and the trouble was the price  

  • the pictures and the descriptions didn't really  make any sense because the picture of the mere  

  • pudding looked marginally better than the picture  of the premium pudding despite having the same  

  • price and i just didn't know what to do maybe  the pictures were the wrong way around or maybe  

  • in japan premium puddings don't come with cream  i don't know i'm not a japanese pudding expert by  

  • by any measure in the end i couldn't decide  so i just went with the mousse of the mango  

  • but it certainly was one of the one of the  greatest dilemmas i faced in uh 2016 so far  

  • anyway i am uh in a hotel and i figured i needbreak from counting air conditioning units just  

  • for a little bit um so i figured i'd show you  around a japanese standard japanese hotel room  

  • and see what we can find maybe i can  actually do some exercise in the process  

  • it's at least 10 meters to the doorway  so yeah let's go let's go to the doorway

  • so this is the doorway now you're probably  wondering why i chose this hotel room  

  • and it's about 6500 yen a night which is kind  of what you pay for a room this size in japan  

  • although this one's a little bit bigger which isbonus but the real reason i chose it was the name  

  • because the name is the hotel bel-air and i saw  that and i felt very nostalgic about my favorite  

  • sitcom of the 90s the fresh prince of bel-air with  the notable exception of the simpsons series one  

  • two eight before they gave up writing episodes  that were good you'll notice there's a few items  

  • here we have a shoe brush some slippers shoe  polish um what appears to be half a propeller  

  • i don't know the other half is i don't know why  that's there quite frankly but why is that there  

  • um now there's a spray here and you're probably  wondering what that is and so am i because i  

  • don't actually know what it is what is it room  clothing tobacco it's like an air freshener  

  • suica it is a deodorant spray of an effective  professional specification to the anxious smell  

  • um is it now well i suppose this sock might  fit might fit that description so so apparently

  • oh oh god it smells dreadful it's like hair  spray oh it's horrible don't you if you come to  

  • japan don't use this this treacherous spray or  stumbling into the bathroom first thing you'll  

  • notice is the toilet sent from the future uh to  spray us from behind and so you can change the  

  • water pressure here so that's nice it's quite  a seat warmer it's it's a nice nice toilet  

  • and here's the bit we all get excited about  the free stuff so uh you've got your soap  

  • cone cheese brush combat swoo body  sponge body is a bit small though

  • as soon as you'll open the package  the sponge will swell will it now

  • well certainly did look forward to  uh having fun with that later yeah  

  • and before we move on you'll notice  here it says toto which is of course  

  • an amazing band from the 1980s behind hits such  as africa and hold the line but following on from  

  • their success they diversified into integrated  toilet solutions so when you lift this up

  • it's it's a standard feature andthink uh i think that's fantastic  

  • so we're back in the room and uh let's take  a look at the bed nice size here uh this is  

  • a standard feature in most japanese hotel  rooms it's a lightsaber just in case you  

  • have to go out in the middle of the night and  face any combat situations on the way to the  

  • convenience store buttons for lights look at  that oh you don't even have to get out of bed  

  • and i really like that this is the future of  lights just like there next to your bed this  

  • is a light remote control so right you can press  here and it goes like white look at that it's gone  

  • you press here it goes warm this is really weird  and trippy like if you like play around with it

  • white

  • orange i'm gonna have so much fun in bed later  put that there so let's move over here this is  

  • the desk area very nice as you can see one thing  that comes in most japanese hotels is massages for  

  • 30 minutes 2 hundred yen you can get a nice body  relaxation massage or for 2160 yen a foot massage  

  • i won't be doing that i am just a humble  youtuber i can't afford such frivolous luxurious  

  • experiences nice little notepad here with your uh  to-do list on hotel belair notepad standard and a  

  • lamp draw in here what have we got let's see what  we've got in the drawer and in the drawer we have  

  • a multi-use bag you can use that for um just  so many things um and then we've got a book  

  • new testament um it looks really good i don't know  what it's about i'll have to read that later um  

  • a little guidebook for uh north japan welcome  it's got lots of cool places you can see and do  

  • and food you can eat and drink pretty cool pretty  handy coming down here covered with tea check it  

  • out uh good taste refined fragrance japanese  green tea is quite nice and we've got a kettle  

  • under there for that tea so there's a fridge here  switch that on there um open it up nothing in here  

  • except one no two two heads so that's good you can  enjoy here so television let's check out some tv

  • oh my god i can stop

  • stupid

  • so that's japanese tv and there you go  there is your standard japanese hotel room  

  • so that was a tour of the hotel room it wasbit weird wasn't it but that's to be expected  

  • when you are alone in a hotel room i uh oh quitelook outside now it's dark now so i can't i can't  

  • enjoy the air conditioning units still i know how  to have fun so i'll see you next time take care oh  

  • oh it's got orange it's got white now there look  at my kingdom i was finally there see my throat

  • oh oh no oh [ __ ] thumb down for swearing  why the effing it's not funny it's not clever  

  • it's downright disrespectful  to the japanese first off  

  • fine swearing is neither funny nor clever  although it definitely is but this line is  

  • downright disrespectful to the japanese  what the [ __ ] are you talking about

i won't lie i i love staying in hotel rooms it  makes me feel like some kind of clever successful  

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