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Sarah: I consider Paige like a long-lost sister that I never had that I should have had.
Sarah: The crazy thing that is me and Paige have been so close but we actually have never met.
Sarah: The Born Friends Family Portrait
Sarah's mother: Oh, this was the first time that I held Sarah.
Sarah: My mom was pregnant with me and just found out that I had one arm at twenty weeks, I think.
Sarah: She wanted to find someone else that was experiencing the same thing.
Sarah: So, she went on a website and found Teresa and Paige.
Auckland, New Zealand
When me and Sarah were born, our parents were sending letters and pictures to each other and stuff, so they became close.
Sarah: And then we kind of lost touch because Teresa had two more kids.
Sarah: When I was eight, I needed someone there that could understand everything about me, and I was like I want to find Paige.
Paige: My mom got an email from her mom, and apparently they had been looking for us for three years.
Paige: We started emailing first. I asked her one day if she had Skype.
Paige: What time is it for you?
Sarah: When I first saw Paige, it was like I've seen a mirror image of me.
Paige: When I saw Sarah, it was kind of like oh, this is how people see me.
Sarah: We'll talk about boys, and life, and compare things.
Paige: She doesn't really worry about what other people think about her. She can walk around happily in a short sleeve top.
Paige: She helped me a lot, and gave me a lot of confidence.
Paige: There weren't less challenges after I met her, it's just that I wasn't going through the challenges alone anymore.
Sarah: And I like move the brush, or I move my finger.
Paige: 'And so I move my finger?' Sarah: 'Yeah!'
Paige: I could tell Sarah things that I wouldn't be able to tell my friends... I trust her with my life.
Sarah: We have been so close for eight years, but thousands of miles away from each other. We definitely wouldn't be very close if it wasn't for Skype and how it's brought us together.
Sarah: Some best friends come and go. I feel like Paige will always be my best friend no matter what.
Sarah: It's crazy that we've never met. We've always dreamed of it, but it's just never happened yet.
And then it happened...
Sarah: I can't believe it. I don't think it's really sunk in.
Paige: 'I'm really nervous.' It doesn't seem real.
Paige: 'Five minutes and thirty-four seconds.'
Sarah: 'You're so beautiful!' 'Paige: So are you!'
Teresa(Paige's mother): 'I finally get to hug you!'
Paige: 'I can't do that!'
Paige: I'm sure we'll always find time for each other because it's one of those friendships that you don't find twice.
Paige: We're like two needles in a haystack that just found each other.
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The Born Friends Family Portrait -- a unique friendship brought together by Skype

3532 Folder Collection
Chrissy Lin published on July 16, 2014    Chrissy Lin translated
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