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  • today I want to talk about housing because we have a housing crisis here in London that our mayor has failed to address for the past five years.

  • He's promised more housing Hey promised when he was elected in 2016 to build 80,000 houses per year, and that means he owes us about 400,000 new homes.

  • He has started construction of only 34,000.

  • He's delivered 12,000 homes in five years.

  • That's 3% of what he promised.

  • The national government gave him £4.8 billion in 2018.

  • Where are the homes?

  • Where is the money?

  • We've never seen him deliver him when he's asked about it.

  • It's always someone else's fault.

  • And so it's frustrating to me.

  • It's probably just a frustrating to you.

  • And today I want to talk about answers.

  • But the truth is, I was just in the borough of Hackney and Hackney is in desperate need of new homes.

  • And if you look at some of the figures, they're just shocking.

  • It Z housing is unaffordable for the majority of Hackney residents.

  • I lived in Hackney for 10 years.

  • My business was started in Hackney.

  • It still resides in the borough of Hackney, and the average price of a home in Hackney has increased by 82% in the last five years.

  • Imagine that 82%.

  • How can the regular person afford to buy or rent a home When that's happening?

  • It's unacceptable.

  • And Hackney has seen the biggest average increase in house prices in the country in the last 20 years in the entire country.

  • No one is thinking about these people.

  • No one is providing them homes.

  • And the mayor is not talking about this.

  • And I'm out here in these boroughs right now talking to you about it.

  • Um, 33% of all households in hacking you are now living in overcrowded accommodations and the statistics go on.

  • And I wanna talk about that today.

  • Finally, I'm gonna talk to you about my solution.

  • I'm going to build 50,000 new homes by Christmas this year.

  • Yes, you heard me correctly.

  • That's Christmas.

  • This year, I'm gonna have about seven months after I am elected in the office to deliver.

  • But I've already got top architect in London that are actually donating their time because they think this idea is world class and they have contacted me and said, Brian, we love it, We wanna help.

  • We love this city and we're sick and tired of empty promises from City Hall.

  • We want a man that takes action.

  • We believe in you on.

  • We wanna make this plan happen.

  • There's a lot of land that we can put modular housing on today and solve these problems quickly.

  • Why isn't that being talked about by our two party system?

  • Well, that's another discussion.

  • I could make these changes because I'm an independent candidate.

  • I could take action rapidly because I've been in the business sector.

  • I've worked in industry for 30 years.

  • I know how to hold people accountable.

  • I know how to make a project not run over budget.

  • Unlike our current mayor, I've worked in automotive.

  • I've worked in aerospace.

  • I've worked in the city of London.

  • I've worked in tech startup.

  • I've worked in new media broadcasting.

  • I've worked in digital education.

  • I know how to get these things done.

  • I know how to cut deals.

  • I know how to make things happen.

today I want to talk about housing because we have a housing crisis here in London that our mayor has failed to address for the past five years.

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LONDON'S HOUSING CRISIS ?: Why The Current Mayor Of London Owes Us 400,000 New Homes - Brian Rose

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/01
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