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  • Yeah.

  • So the Brian for Mayor Digital battle bus tour continues, And today I'm out to the borough of Lambeth here in London, and it's a borough with 68,000 young people, young people that right now are being deprived their chance for a future.

  • And we've just heard from the Prime Minister today a statement that schools might not open until summer.

  • And this is something that very much concerns me.

  • We've seen recent evidence from the princes, trust that our younger generation just doesn't believe they have a future.

  • They don't believe they'll ever have their dream job.

  • And this lack of education is really disrupting their development.

  • It's disrupting their optimism, and it's disrupting our chance to build, Ah, great future for this city and this country.

  • I have a 16 year old daughter and she's at home right now, and she's missing this school experience, and it's very, very challenging for her and for everyone.

  • Andi have also seen that there are studies shown that we could at least get our primary schools back and back in in in session because they're actually at that age, proven to be quite resistant to the virus and also not transmitting the virus.

  • And this is something we've been talking about on London Real for months.

  • Um, I had Dr Martin Cole Dorf off Harvard Medical School, One of the founders, Thank you of the Great Barrington Declaration.

  • And he said the same thing.

  • He said, We just don't see the Children transmitting it, and they, of course, the science is not being used in these political decisions and our Children are paying for it.

  • My Children are paying for it, but more importantly, we have a younger generation that just doesn't believe they're gonna have a future.

  • And, uh, I think the damage there, it's really hard to quantify.

  • Riel mental health damage.

  • You know, when I was younger, my mom said, Brian, you could do and be anything you want.

  • Now, you know, maybe she was being optimistic, But she always told me that if I worked hard that I could be anything.

  • I wanted an astronaut say anything and we're telling our Children the opposite.

  • Now with what we're doing now, we're making them stay at home.

  • We're making know how these virtual classes, which they just don't work.

  • We need to get our kids back in school.

  • And we need a clear roadmap from our leadership to show that because these schools need lead time and let's be honest businesses, Doas Well, which is why my main policy of get London back toe work is so crucial.

  • We've got to show a road map out of this lock down.

  • Otherwise, entrepreneurs and businesses they can't invest in the future.

  • They can't start employing people again.

  • But we've got to have a plan.

  • And I think it was Steve Baker of the Cove.

  • In response, Corbyn Recovery Group, one of the Tory backbenchers that recently said, If you lock down on a forecast, why can't we open up on a forecast?

  • And right now, I think we need a clear plan from our leaders.

  • This is some of the things that I'm talking about when I'm out there digitally campaigning and so it's no surprise that certain people want me off the road and it's very possible today that I'll be pulled over by the police and arrested, and we're prepared to do that because we think this message is important and are our battle Busses is set up to be a digitally campaign bus where I can literally virtually meet you and all of these boroughs in London and talk about these very important issues because you need to be able to elect leaders that that make decisions in your interests.

  • And if not, we have no democracy here.

  • The current mayor of London has been unelected for a year.

  • The election was postponed.

  • You never voted him to be your mayor for the past year.

  • Imagine if that continues.

  • Well, that's no longer a democracy.

  • And we demand free and fair elections take place on May 6th.

  • And we're going to continue pushing forward with our bus.

  • So please leave your comments below.

  • Tell me, do you think we need to get our kids back in school and get London back toe work?

  • And if you're in Lambeth, please leave me a question below is well, also, I'm gonna be going to every single borough in the city s Oh, please come to our website, Brian for mayor dot London forward slash bus.

  • And you could leave me a question.

  • I'll be answering them live on my digital broadcast from the battle bus today.

  • So I look forward to seeing you there.

  • Thank you so much for the support.

  • I've gotten so many messages and so many comments we very much appreciate you on.

  • We're going to continue fighting.

  • Continue moving forward.

  • Continue speaking the truth and continue putting the best policy ideas out there.

  • And then you have the choice.

  • You have the choice and we encourage all other parties to continue campaigning, Of course, in a covert Safeway.

  • And to make sure that democracy happens.

  • Thank you.


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