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  • Firstly, I want to talk about how the current mayor of London is wasting your taxpayer money.

  • Let's look at the first headline here, and that is this.

  • I'll read it out.

  • Sadiq Khan, shamed as transport for London bosses pay increased by £10 million as London transport struggles.

  • And when you look into the details, it's actually shocking because TfL salaries over £100,000 has shown that's the people earning more than six figures.

  • That's a lot of money.

  • That's a big salary, and this is in This economy has increased to 557 people since the current mayor took office in the capital almost five years ago.

  • Now can you imagine that?

  • 557 people earning six figures right now.

  • And so the tax.

  • The bill for those six figure salaries has increased 16% to now, an eye watering £73 million over that period.

  • £73 million spent on six figure salaries.

  • Is that what you think is acceptable?

  • Is that where your taxpayer money should go?

  • I don't think so.

  • Take a look at this next headline.

  • You see it again over 500 TfL staff earned more than £100,000 despite ah, £1.6 billion tax payer bailout.

  • Can you imagine?

  • This is not the way I would run a business.

  • And the article goes on to say.

  • In total, 654 staff employed by the Greater London Authority and its subsidiary bodies, which includes transport for London, met Police Fire Brigade in the mayor's office, recede payments in excess of £100,000.

  • But of course, transport for London is the highest number of the staff, with 518 receiving more than £100,000.

  • Off these, 114 received more than £150,000 per year.

  • I'm not quite sure what you make, but that's a lot of money, especially during a recession.

  • Okay, the highest paid employee the TfL boss Michael Brown, received wait for it £508,301 in total annual salary over a half a million pounds salary in the greatest recession in 300 years, when his own organization is being bailed out to the tune of billions and billions of pounds.

  • Does that sound fair to you.

  • Does that sound like the mayor is doing his job?

  • And, of course, that also includes, uh, taking home the biggest bonus of 133,000 pounds.

  • And you know, we know transport for London is going bust, and it's getting paid millions and billions of pounds and bailout money, and it just gets worse and worse because you see this next headline and you can see what's happening.

  • The mayor is spending £12 million on TfL bonuses despite these massive bailouts, and it's hard to really see what's going on here because this article goes on to say that you know, Sadiq Khan has chosen to pay out this this eye watering bill despite the taxpayer forking out £3.3 billion in bailouts for transport for London and one of the London Assembly mayors members branded it quote disgraceful that the mayor is paying out and awarding millions of pounds in TfL bonuses while repeatedly asking the taxpayer for bailouts.

  • And she goes on to say, and I quote, it's clear that we're going to need transport for London back on track, and in order to get this, we need new leadership at City Hall.

  • London needs a mayor who will put Londoners priorities before bonuses, press officers and self promotion.

  • And I agree with that.

  • And that's exactly what we stand for.

  • But it gets worse.

  • Look at the next headline and you could see this from the Telegraph Sadiq Khan, accused of squandering millions on gold plated London transport staff pensions.

  • And when you get into the details, honestly, it's hard for me even to read this stuff out.

  • I find it actually quite disgusting.

  • And the article says this TfL pension fund increases more than £828 million that's been spent misspent on gold plated pensions at the transport for London.

  • And it says, quote Sadiq Khan could have fixed this at the start of his term back in 2016 and saved almost £1 billion.

  • Instead, he left pensions un reformed, made a mess of TfL finances and put services at risk unquote.

  • And that means that the mayor over paid £828 million and pension contributions.

  • That's the equivalent just to give you a rough idea off funding almost 14,000 police officers imagine if we could put 14,000 police officers on the streets, imagine what that would do to his horrific record on teenage knife crime in this city.

  • Imagine what that could dio, and yet he uses it on gold plated bonuses instead.

  • But it gets worse.

  • Here's the next headline from the Telegraph and here we see it in black and white.

  • Transport for London spends a million pounds on luxury flights and hotels, and here's the next lead line as well.

  • Sadiq Khan is accused of letting transport for London waste tens of millions of pounds on taxis and water coolers as he seeks billions in co vid bailouts from the government.

  • And when we dig into this again, I mean, it's just hard to even consider that this is happening while people are out of work while while the economy is going down, all of these expenses air happening.

  • It's luxury flights, It's hotels, it's taxis.

  • It's vending machines.

  • On the same article highlighted a Siris of wasteful TfL contracts worth more than £40 million.

  • Let me give you the headlines.

  • £24 million paid on taxis, £5 million paid on luxury coffee machines, £10 million for water coolers.

  • And as you saw in that headline, £1 million on luxury flights.

  • Is this the way we should be spending our money while we're bailing out the TfL?

  • I think we both know the answer to that, but there's more.

  • And you could see this new headline here and you could see it here.

  • Sadiq Khan's PR budget sores by 33% in four years, 33% in four years.

  • And let me ask you a question.

  • Do you think that during all of these budget cuts during one of the biggest recessions in 300 years that the mayor of London should be spending a million pounds on his own personal PR?

  • That's money that you pay for.

  • What could that million pounds go for Right now, the mental health may be doing something for our Children may be helping the homeless, maybe trying to help entrepreneurs here in London that are struggling, maybe trying to help taxi drivers, but no.

  • Instead, he spent £977,912 on his own personal PR last year, and it gets worse.

  • Here's the next hand online you can see it here.

  • Critics slam Sadiq Khan for squandering £7.1 million per year from his police budget and his pen pusher executives.

  • And also he spends a million pounds on a customer satisfaction survey.

  • And you could see what this article says.

  • Recent decisions made by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime includes spending a million pounds on customer satisfaction surveys and asked the public a question.

  • You know, how good are the police doing?

  • That's how he spent the money.

  • And it's ridiculous because that money could have been spent for 233 extra police officers.

  • The last headline I want to share with you is this, and we all saw it happened on New Year's Eve, and this is what the headline said.

  • Quote a disgusting waste of money.

  • London Assembly members slam Sadiq Khan's £1.5 million New Year's Eve light show because he wasted that money.

  • Let's talk about this.

  • The article goes on to talk about this London Assembly member Tony Devonish, slamming it as a disgusting waste of money.

Firstly, I want to talk about how the current mayor of London is wasting your taxpayer money.

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A DISGUSTING WASTE OF MONEY ?: How Your Current Mayor Has Been Spending Your Money - Brian Rose

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