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  • Yeah.

  • All right.

  • Here I am today in Hackney.

  • Right next to guess what Thistles?

  • The Arcelor Mittal Tower.

  • It was built when the Olympics were happening right here in London in 2012.

  • It's great to be out here in the borough.

  • A hack.

  • It's a little windy right now on, uh, checking it out.

  • We got West Ham United Stadium behind me.

  • You know, this is just one of the many incredible boroughs of London.

  • I love Hackney.

  • I've actually lived in Hackney London.

  • Real was started in Hackney Go figure.

  • And, um, it's a girl that I love.

  • It's a fascinating borough, but it's also borough that suffers a lot of problems.

  • It's got a real crisis when it comes to housing.

  • I'm about to do a live broadcast.

  • We call it Battle Bus live in the back.

  • Here on.

  • I'm gonna be talking about some of the real problems that citizens of Hackney face when it comes to housing.

  • Did you know that the housing prices in Hackney have gone up more than any other borough not only in London, but in the country of the UK They've gone up Maurin this borough 82% rise in housing prices on bats because there's so much going on here, there's a lot of construction.

  • There's a lot of development.

  • There's a lot of technology startups on what unfortunately it does is it squeezes the normal citizens out of housing options.

  • And I'm about to go live here in the bus and tell you some of the things that are happening.

  • And it's actually quite shocking their families right now in Hackney that have been waiting to get affordable housing for not only months but years and the type of temporary, affordable housing.

  • It's just really not acceptable.

  • A lot of times it's offered by bed and breakfast, and first of all, it's very expensive on the quality is very low, and so we've got to solve this housing issue.

  • Now.

  • I have some incredible plans to build 50,000 new modular homes by Christmas of this year.

  • I know it sounds hard to believe, since the current mayor of London, in his total five years, he promised US 400,000 homes.

  • He's built 12,000 homes in five years and he got about £1.8 billion from the government, Uh, two years ago.

  • We've seen no houses on.

  • I have no idea where that money went.

  • So these air riel issues, I've got real solutions.

  • I have some of the top architectural firms in London working with me on solutions to build these modular homes.

  • It's highly excited, and I'm gonna be talking about it today.

  • So look, I just want to say to the citizens of Hackney, I appreciate you.

  • I personally have lived in done business and Hackney since I think 9 4010.

  • I love this borough.

  • I did mentoring in this borough.

  • It's really important.

  • So again, leave me your questions below, Uh, tell me what borough you're in And the question that you wanna ask me when you come here.

  • Tell me if you struggle with affordable housing, the truth is, is a lack of affordable housing drives.

  • All of our rents up and rents in London are really at nightmare proportions.

  • So there you go, uh, streaming live here from the arsenal or tower.

  • What a beautiful piece out of the former Olympic Stadium and now West Ham United were out on the road making sure that free and fair elections takes place on May 6.

  • I believe that your Democratic right to choose who your next mayor is right now.

  • We've got a guy that's been in there unelected for a year, doesn't make sense to me on Gwen.

  • People tell us, including the police that were not allowed to campaign, even though I'm doing this safely in a covert, secure manner seems very political and we don't accept it, which is why we're out on the road.

  • So I'll keep you posted.

  • So far, so good.


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