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five women in kiev at
were hoping for a fairy tale and dean landed a participated in an art exhibit
adding museum where they laid it down for three days
and pretended to be asleep hoping that that
they would find the prince charming so many different men would come in with
their eyes and the women would would lay fleet and hope that the guy would wake
them up
with his physical can't stray
so do you think for someone to participate in something like that sandy
pointed out that you can find
i don't know the nightmare i really honestly okay
yet they're they're playing this weekend
young still has to take it is sleep for gary solid a personal phone breaks don't
that and others to break blackberry harsher that there's food breaks
features the direct that interest me to do you think that if they did
if your name and that you would be able to talbot your eyes closed
kids from another and
maybe that person waiting
ignite something in you and chemistry would happen if they had really enjoy
making out and then another magic
picks up
sounds like a good way to get married therapies
threadless love is definitely not for a story on that side of the its
that one of them in a screen but there's gotta be disinfectant
for your mail we are doing well we have a direct and if in fact in but when i
think that we do have like never before
that winds up in the
camera it seems like a river greatest breneman to diseases i mean it is the
kiev the enormous influence turned the flight attendants ad
all of
it will never ever and
but i think i want a response the edges like pushes aside the idea of
remained on the disparate but merely may be getting to know somebody first
tournament who they are as a person role we get along we have the same interests
or whatever and then can anticipating that kids right was very much like a
blind taste test but to nobody thing totally nesbitt had never gotten to know
a growing you think that she's graying you feel like this chemistry nc
estimates zero yes
settlement salutes and this is almost the exact office and i don't i think the
these women are rediculous to think that they're gonna find out
suitable made by it and jack's having
canceling cohesiveness fox reality show like that and reality shows for started
yes but in the dark
why was it like they sandy dot
not one hundred like that david applicant
had for a long time no all
came like ecad like a little bit says there may be you and the world and hand
you know i want to meet me
allied in our lives like that click in the day when the survivor was like this
brand new thing
and you're not a little kid
and they didn't act is different because you know someone but you don't have a
look like right now to harry opposite
interpret that pat would not want a lay there for three days having all types of
different strains dutifully i think it sounds
gross revenues were previously that they're actually going to find someone
john has a comment what john doc i think that you raise a good point you say what
sort of kisses it without i've watched the video and like this very rare
now however another delay
yet another quite beautifully sunny and tyler
until they get a little pack
and force you to go through the press is the result
hoping that the does not exist as a matter of can really give
of good quality care so i think i have all the other hand action may be
so how can i get it at that point why did they do this they did this because a
lot of people believe that whether by a case about something else
we can be like magically clued into the person who were supposed to write it
thought process that you were going over years and it takes one date or one kids
sports xa first-time and so i ask you guys do you think that that's how you
find the right person these are the process of trial there
earn just working through them so yeah
excuse me
skyline bask in every case somebody did he give you butterfly rain and
on the one that
kansas allotted back
of quite a few years and joint aches incoming one and
meet are fine
i really help me not to prisoners must be an afterlife
nihad awad implants arises native is illuminated butterflies
telling kids that make up for our contact
yeah i think that matthew let out a right but some people with arguing our
tax statement
called a quick see that's the point of this and these were looking what one of
these women have are remarkable experience with one of these potential
suitors cases and she gets fired five thirty
weeks at and or pretend we got
and feels well this is the best if it ever had i feel something
you don't get does it mean and i certainly did not receive chemistry and
in your living proof of that
just like there is some sort of science behind it whether or not it's trio i
probably not what is it do you remember
that where some bit wary of supposedly within your fellow i've and the reason
why you're telling me and i'm not a right-wing allocate undermining it
happened to them so if you really learning is intended to be attracted to
you next week at that time
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Love At First Kiss? Sleeping Beauty in Real Life

1194 Folder Collection
Hhart Budha published on June 16, 2014
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