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  • Yeah.

  • Okay.

  • We just finished delivering Ah, whole bunch of food to this incredible food bank here on.

  • I spoke with O V, the guy that runs it, and they just do amazing, amazing work here in the borough of Barking and Dagenham.

  • The community itself, um, sends them food, and they collected all here.

  • Everyone in here is volunteering on a Saturday, and they basically package up the specific bags and boxes of food, and it goes out to everyone in the community.

  • They said that they have never had so much demand for the food here.

  • Um, but they've made it happen.

  • They even deliver it to some people who are too, um, who feel bad and uncomfortable actually picking food up from the food bank.

  • But they really need it.

  • And it's just incredible.

  • This operation in here really amazing.

  • We brought, um, Long life.

  • Dairy, long life, Jews, tinned meat, tin vegetables.

  • Um, all the specifics that they really needed to wreck wrap up.

  • What?

  • They what they typically give out to their community members.

  • So they do an amazing job here.

  • We really appreciate them.

  • My whole team was really moved.

  • Just do an incredible job and just want to thank them for the work that they dio just helping the community out.

  • It's just been really powerful to get out here and see what people really need and also what amazing people are doing on the ground, so really appreciate them on.

  • But again, they just said they could use some more help and recognition from the government.

  • Uh, just allow them to facilitate to do what they dio.

  • Andi, That's really what what they need.

  • And I also talked about how we could get corporate to help sponsor them mawr and provide them the money.

  • And the resource is they could just do a better job in a bigger job.

  • And right now, with the economy down on us locked down, people need their help more than ever.

  • And they're doing amazing work here.

  • So again, onwards were taking the tour.

  • We're taking the bus.

  • We're going to every single borough in London.

  • We don't want to find out what are the challenges on the ground, what we can do, how we can help enough of the politics.

  • Enough of the politics.

  • How about we just get solutions?

  • How about we just get this.

  • London this the city of London Back back to being world class and help the people here.

  • There's so much that people need on.

  • We just want to get out there and help them get it.

  • So thank you.

  • Toe Over here at the food bank, we're gonna be back.


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Blown Away by Volunteers at the Barking Food Bank ?? Incredible Passion for Helping the Community

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/23
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