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  • James Harden suiting up for the Nets and playing with Kevin Durant.

  • Now, listen, I know they barely squeaked by the magic, but it was magical What I saw from Brooklyn.

  • Jalen, what did you see from the potential of this?

  • Nets Nucleus The N B A.

  • That I was born to that I played so long needed this so very much.

  • You got the East Coast village.

  • You got the West Coast superhero on LeBron James.

  • And I was sitting back watching the Derrick Coleman Kenny Anderson throwback jerseys.

  • And I was also watching the bucks play Bond.

  • I saw Yonas go one for 10 from the free throw line.

  • And you know what I was thinking?

  • K.

  • D s winning the east.

  • I loathe dark side.

  • Come to the dark side, Mr Rose, Because you've been talking about the bucks all season.

  • Come to the dark side.

  • You You know how much I love you, honest.

  • And Middleton and Drew Holiday and I've tried to hold out hope you're gonna win the East.

  • But now James hard, it is playing with Kevin Durant and carry.

  • Let me tell you what, let me, let me tell, you guys would have been more fair at the park if James Harden would have got traded to the east toe, play with Joy Oil and be So now you've got those two you got Katie and Kyrie.

  • You have Jalen and Tatum.

  • That would be more fair.

  • But now you put Harding on the net.

  • Oh, man, I'm a fair man.

  • It's gonna take us to the park like park analogy.

  • They're gonna run until they're done.

  • They're not gonna lose.

  • They're gonna walk off the court.

  • You wanna get dinner?

  • You wanna leave or something?

  • That's how good I see this team.

  • I see this team winning the East, and it's not even close.

  • There's just too much firepower.

  • I don't care if they don't play defense.

  • I don't care if they all need the ball.

  • There's there's gonna be fine.

  • And Kobe Mike D'Antoni is gonna put 1 30 up on the board, and he's gonna challenge along with Steve Nash, every other team toe outscore them.

  • And also, when the game slows down, Ben Simmons ain't making shots outside of the paint.

  • Um, the Greek free ain't making free throws or threes.

  • How physical can the Celtics be up front.

  • And so teams have holes just like the Nets have holes.

  • But that firepower that playmaking ability.

  • And those three guys are gonna be dynamic Jacoby Lakers and Nets and the Finals Book it we, Jalen, While we celebrated James Harden in a Nets uniformed, there's something about this trade that you wanted to point out that just didn't seem to add up.

  • I got a lot of Pacers fans, you know.

  • I played there and, you know, I passed the physical.

  • You know, I've been traded multiple times.

  • I'm wishing Caris Levert a speedy recovery.

  • But it seems like he failed his physical, which normally means that voyage trades.

  • So in other words, the Pacers don't have Oladipo Orla Vert and they end up with a second round pick and the Nets have James Harden to go with K D.

  • And Kyrie already happened having big 30 point triple doubles and about to win the East.

  • I'm just paying attention to the fine print.

  • Well, you know, Adam Silver got on the phone with Sean Marks or whoever he had to have said.

  • Whatever you gotta do to get this done, get this done because we're not sending James Harden back to Houston.

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James Harden suiting up for the Nets and playing with Kevin Durant.

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The Nets just aren't fair - Jalen Rose after James Harden's triple-double debut | Jalen & Jacoby

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