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  • Dominic, do the Texans need to trade Watson A S A P.

  • First of all, nice job jumping in there and saving your two friends because they were getting dominated.

  • A Zephyr e do think that they need to trade him because he seems serious about this, and it seems like it's it's in reconcilable.

  • Um, the way that he's talking about he's been patient, and it seems to me that the news that's gonna come out is gonna make this seem ah little bit worse than it's been so far.

  • And I understand that you have the leverage to force him to stay.

  • You don't have to trade him, so that's fine.

  • But you know what can undercut everything that's going on in your organization.

  • If the best player on your team, the leader of your your locker room, shows up in a bad mood and doesn't like you and it's not happy to be there, does not believe in the general manager, the coach or the people or the family that owns the team.

  • So to me, it seems like you should have thought if you wanted to keep him, you should have thought about this years ago when you when you wasted some of his prime years, so like it to me, it feels like it's too late.

  • You need to get what you can and let him move on and be great elsewhere, and hopefully would you bring back and something that you can build upon.

  • Well, listen, I don't think I don't think they have to do anything right now.

  • I think that with the Shawn Watson, I think the team has a has an opportunity, a window right now to try to sell the Shawn Watson on a vision.

  • Nick Osario, Who's the Who's the GM, you know, obviously came from New England and partner with Bill Belichick is built the, you know, the greatest dynasty that you know we've seen in league history.

  • So I think right now, with all the things that's going on and Dominique, you know, this is, well, we probably only heard 10% of what you know what's really going on behind the scenes.

  • But I think they still have a window, an opportunity to sell the Shawn Watson.

  • Listen, this is what we're This is what we're trying to do, and I think for the Houston Texans say, I think the owner just got step out the way because clearly what the Shawn Watson is, you know, it's so upset about is primarily with with ownership.

  • And I think it's gonna be incumbent on Nick Sirio to really lay it out to the Shawn Watson.

  • Hey, this is what this is what I'm trying to do.

  • This is what I'm trying to build here.

  • I want to be.

  • I want to collaborate with you on that, you know, front office quarterback, you know, kind of relationship to build a Houston, Texas into a long term winter down here.

  • They don't have to make the move now, but time is of the essence.

  • Yeah, I think Damien is right in that.

  • Nick.

  • A stereo has an opportunity to say, Listen, I'm new here.

  • Whatever was happening before, that's not on me.

  • But this is what we're going to be.

  • This is what the Houston Texans, under my leadership, will be like now whether DeShaun Watson will buy that, who knows?

  • But if I'm the Texans to me, the only sure thing in this franchise was DeShaun Watson.

  • All you had to do was keep him all you have to do is make him happy because he was the one sure thing.

  • When you look at this roster and you look at the leadership that's had, I don't think this this relationship can be salvaged.

  • I'll be honest.

  • It's almost like a couple of living separately like they've already.

  • You know, it's like, Yes, could they reconcile?

  • Sure, but she took her stuff and moved away.

  • She's in a different residents and you're trying to reach her and she's not answering her phone.

  • And I was like, I don't know what she's thinking.

  • I hope she is.

  • She gonna come back when o.

  • T A S kickoff like, Well, decision be on the field?

  • I don't know.

  • I guess I'll just wait and see like that is not a good situation you wanna have.

  • If you're trying to hit, reset.

  • And if Jason is not happy and there's a way that you can send him somewhere where he is free and you get some draft picks, I think it's a win win.

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Dominic, do the Texans need to trade Watson A S A P.

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The Texans have a window to sell Deshaun Watson on the team's future - Damien Woody | First Take

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