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  • He's in the category of very good.

  • Um, not great.

  • Um, at least his resume is not great.

  • Philip Rivers, to me, is not a Hall of Famer.

  • I say that respectfully, because I'm very fond of him.

  • Um, and I appreciate the career that he's had you throw for over 63,000 yards.

  • We're gonna give you the respect that it's due.

  • You barely have a 2 to 1 touchdown.

  • The turnover, it to interception ratio.

  • I think it's like, What is it?

  • 421 touchdowns, 209 interceptions.

  • You completed about 65% of your your career passes 64.9, to be exact.

  • Um, you've quarterback in the National Football League for 17 years.

  • You made the playoffs seven times, all right?

  • And you never went to a Super Bowl.

  • That is not Hall of Fame.

  • We slice it any way we want to.

  • That is not Hall of Fame on.

  • And if there's anybody with a comparable resume, this in the Hall of Fame, you are doing a disservice to those who are in the Hall of Fame Already.

  • We're obviously more lofty are much more lofty.

  • Resume uh, championships matter.

  • Appearances in championship games matter.

  • Continuity in postseason play matters.

  • All of those things lend itself towards validated again.

  • You don't have toe win the championship, but all of those things validate the combination of all of those things when I'm able to look at your TV, the interception ratio, when I'm able to look at you being out of the playoffs more than you were in the playoffs, when I'm able to look at the fact that you've never won a championship, nor have you ever competed in the championship game, it's hard for me for you to have a resume that's absent all those things and then to say, You're a Hall of Famer.

  • When I'm looking at most Hall of Famers and they don't have that problem, I can't do that.

  • I respect the hell out of Philip Rivers.

  • Um, his knowledge of the game is not to be questioned.

  • Some of the great moments he produces, not to be questioned.

  • I mean, no disrespect, but that resume, you said, not a Hall of Fame resume.

  • Very good.

  • What do you say?

  • He's in the hall of very good, I agree, and the tough thing is, and I think he might actually eventually get in normally.

  • What you said would keep him out.

  • But because he came from the same draft classes Eli and Roethlisberger on Roethlisberger's a Hall of Famer, I think we all agree he's going to get in and easily because of his play in the playoffs is gonna.

  • He won two Super Bowls and on the road, beat Far and Rogers at Lambeau in two different seasons and Tom Brady and the Super Bowl.

  • And he's one of the most clutch players in the history of American team sports.

  • When you look at how he's gonna probably get in also, and I think when people look at it and say I remember Rivers and Eli and Rivers was maybe a little better than Eli.

  • Normally I think he'll eventually get in, but I agree gets into and also he had an Iron Man streak like Eli for a long time and he was a team guy in a tough guy.

  • But I agree he shouldn't get in number one.

  • The numbers that he put up, which were excellent, I was rooting for him and I always thought he would win a Super Bowl.

  • He was playing in a North Turner offense a lot of the time compared to say someone like Eli was playing in a windy situation where the offense was much simpler and more quarterback friendly, and he had less responsibility in that offense than, say, Eli.

  • And the reason I bring it up, Eli knocks him a Giants fan.

  • But because we all agree on Roethlisberger, he's getting in.

  • So Rivers stats maybe look a little bit better than they should.

  • In fact, that is Stephen A.

  • Points out, They don't look.

  • Oh my God, all world incredible.

  • And then he was on enough good teams where special quarterback play maybe at least gets you to a Super Bowl.

  • And too often he didn't come through with good enough play, and a couple of times you could point to and say, Rivers really should have played better in that game.

  • I think what it adds up to is because of the quarterback class he was in and how he compares to those guys.

  • Eventually he'll get in, but it pains me to say cause I always rooted for him.

  • I wouldn't vote for him.

  • Do you realize that Philip Rivers never missed a game in his career.

  • I'm just looking at his numbers every year since 2000 and six.

  • He got drafted in 2000 and four.

  • Of course, 2000 and six.

  • He became a starter.

  • He played all 16 games for the last 14 years.

  • I mean, that's got to count for something.

  • When we talk about the situation in our earlier debate, he wasn't necessarily in the best situation.

  • When it counts to give him respect, it does not make a call to the Hall.

  • I think Roethlisberger like, kind of drag him in.

  • I think they drag him out because he doesn't even think.

  • Eli, I'm Yeah, well, I should be in.

He's in the category of very good.

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Stephen A. & Max debate if Philip Rivers is a Hall of Famer | First Take

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