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  • we didn't know what it would feel like.

  • NBA teams playing in the middle of a pandemic and empty arenas with fake crowd noise and rosters that on any day resemble ah, hunk of Swiss cheese.

  • Were games even feel riel?

  • Or was this going to feel like watching a season's worth of pickup in L.

  • A fitness?

  • Well, guess what?

  • They're really and they're spectacular, at least when the stars gather like they did yesterday.

  • It turns out, if you throw Katie James Harden and Yannis on one court and LeBron a de Stephon Draymond on another, some of the best basketball players in the world still play like it.

  • Even without teams being allowed to practice much these days.

  • Exhibit A Curry finding the basket here.

  • This was nice.

  • That wasn't a foul finding Draymond on the pick and roll that was a travel like all the time.

  • That was a foul.

  • That was a travel.

  • And then finally, hitting this was 28 ft.

  • There's no hate hearing on the glass that's absurd.

  • Right over the defensive player of the year E don't know what's more impressive that that shot put the Warriors up by five after they've been down by 19 early in the game.

  • Or that the 6 ft three Curry hit that over.

  • As the guys here point out the outstretched arms of Anthony Davis and his 7 ft six wingspan.

  • It was just vintage.

  • Curry would finish with 26.

  • Golden State as a whole appeared to be figuring something out about its rotations.

  • A tweak in substitution patterns certainly seemed to help Kelly you bray for one.

  • Still, the Lakers had the chance to win the game in the end.

  • Instead, LeBron passes to Dennis Shrewder, who flings the ball in.

  • I guess the general direction of Alex Caruso.

  • What was going on a mess ensues.

  • A time out, managed to reset things.

  • With 1.7 on the clock, all LeBron could do launch this three.

  • That does not fall.

  • All in all, it was not a flawless display.

  • A basketball.

  • The Lakers in particular, got sloppy.

  • Neither LeBron or A D ever really got going, and the officiating was a topic of conversation throughout.

  • But it's short was fun, as was the Nets book showdown earlier in the evening.

  • If this fact, in fact turns out to be the eastern conference finals.

  • You could sign me up for seven games.

  • This one had 20 lead changes, including eight in the final five minutes alone.

  • Yanis had a strong game overall, finishing with 34 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists.

  • Although the Nets took the book on defending him to an extreme, you know how most teams give you on a space from deep.

  • Well, Brooklyn gave him basically an entire county averaging 15 ft of pad.

  • The most any player has been afforded from three since second Spectrum.

  • Tracking this stuff eight seasons ago.

  • Now, the Nets were much more physical with Yannis.

  • Otherwise, though, check the little shove there, but he initiated that he stepped in front of somebody.

  • I'd be mad if I was Katie to Harden, meanwhile, finishing with 34 including hitting that little float that shot to put the Nets up one.

  • He also had that driving floater.

  • Yanis would answer with a two handed put back well, authority there.

  • But it was Durant who would have the last word, draining the go ahead three on a pass from hardened.

  • Afterward, both players discussed why they seem to be meshing together better now than even when they played together in O.

  • K.

  • C.

  • We were young, uh, in Oklahoma City.

  • You know, we're grown in now, you know, we know we want we know we really know the game of basketball.

  • Now, um, you know, we're not those young guys that just run around and want to just shoot and dunk all day.

  • We have been through a lot, honestly, experienced a lot, and for us to bring together now and combined what we've learned over this time and try to play great basketball, I think it was pretty seamless for us.

  • Yeah, it is nice when the MBA looks like the regular MBA, with fans screaming and arenas full of energy and players who could take the court each night without someone sticking a Q tip up their nose three times a day.

  • But as we saw yesterday, anyone who tells you what's going on this season isn't really.

  • Basketball is missing just how much spectacular there still is to see.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

we didn't know what it would feel like.

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