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  • if you had wanted, could you have done the ninth?

  • And also based on with the way Dorian started coming up?

  • Could you have won it?

  • You know something?

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as faras the judges are concerned and as far as the error and push the audience is satisfied with, you know, my heart was that as I questioned, if I sit down with Shirley and said, Well, baby, what do you think?

  • You know, it's It's seven enough And no, she pushed me to do eight.

  • Seven was really enough for me, you know, but her pushing and inspired me.

  • Okay, let's do eight that set this record.

  • And I knew without a shadow of a doubt that eight was it.

  • I wanted to go no further, because let me just say Brian after that Seventh, Mr Olympia Ah, week, a few days after the show to contest, I woke up in my entire body, was racked with pain.

  • My knees hurt my shoulders, my elbows, everything hurt.

  • And I've never felt that before, but I mean listening.

  • Seven.

  • Mr.

  • Olympia's Well, eight really only plays third in my first list.

  • Olympia in Germany in 1983.

  • So it's really you're talking eight Mr Olympias not to count the BB World Championship or the NPC Nationals or the Junior Nationals.

  • All of those shows leading up start in 1982.

  • So, man, I was in pain everywhere, and I thought to myself said, Man, I have never felt like this.

  • Can I recover?

  • Will I recover?

  • And I gave myself just a little time off.

  • Gave my joints enough time to recover some good food.

  • Detox the body I always believe in detoxing cleaning the liver, the kidney, the blood stream and the urinary system to using a combination of herbs like milk pencil, burdock root, garlic, red clover, all of these different things and colon cleansing and just ah, whole week of fruits and vegetables and water to detox the system.

  • And within two weeks, 2.5 3 weeks my body had fully recovered and I felt good.

  • Very good.

  • Good enough where I said, Well, you know something?

  • I'm okay.

  • I can I can move forward.

  • I can go forward and doing this because I didn't have any specific injuries to joints, needs help or back it just everything just hurt, you know?

  • But after you are the Eight Olympians, you mean you're traumatized?

  • Everybody who trained for showing that level.

  • Beit Bodybuilding being basketball.

  • LeBron James.

  • You better believe he wake up in pain.

  • Magic Johnson.

  • All of the guys who was the best of the best of what they did.

  • You know, athletes, you are traumatized.

  • You bought it.

  • Didn't forget none of those.

  • None of that that you had to go through.

  • So with that, I was able to push forward and do that Eighth, Mr Olympia.

  • But beyond that Oh, no.

  • I wasn't a fear of during Yates or anything.

  • Fear.

  • There's nothing that riel hardcore gladiators have.

  • We don't.

  • We don't fear nothing.

  • Fear What?

  • Particularly not anything.

  • Standing on two legs like us.

  • So, no, there's no fear factor or no, like Oh, during this coming.

  • Ah, during this coming.

  • Guess what?

  • This has made me up my game a little bit more, but I knew at the eighth Olympia that's enough.

  • You can't stay too long, you know.

  • And again, my philosophy trained to stimulate, not annihilate.

  • My body was sending me a signal.

  • And I strongly feel that going beyond the the biological clock before your natural hormone levels on the body and your natural testosterone levels are you put yourself in danger.

  • I know that every Olympian that went past 40 ended up with injuries.

  • Life changing injuries.

  • I got out when I was at the peak off biologically, where my hormone levels and testosterone levels were to repair myself.

  • That hit I took after that seventh.

  • You know, the seventh Olympia win was like, Okay, we're telling you something now.

  • So you gotta know when the whole, um when the foal, Um when the turn.

  • When a runaway on Don't count your money while you sit at the table My wife from my wife.

if you had wanted, could you have done the ninth?

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9TH MR OLYMPIA? ?: Why I Decided Not To Go For My Ninth Mr Olympia - Lee Haney

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