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  • it is as it doesn't matter.

  • As I said, it doesn't matter who you are.

  • You know where you come from, what country you come from, what the color of your skin is, Whatever your sexual orientation is, whatever your religious beliefs are your political beliefs, none of that should matter one bit.

  • As long as you would a decent human being, you should be treated the same.

  • No better, No worse.

  • There's one thing that I really get annoyed it is, and people feel it should be treated different because they are different.

  • Nor as long as you were a decent human being, you should be treated the same.

  • No better, no worse on.

  • That's what rugby's allowed me to be.

  • Rugby's allowed me to be myself and rugby has treated me Justus anybody else.

  • It hasn't treated me any differently.

  • When I referee that World Cup final 18 months ago, I refereed it because I was the best referee in the world.

  • That's why I was appointed to that game on.

  • I don't like saying that because I'm not that big head and thinking that, but that's the fact of it.

  • That's why I was appointed to the game because I was the best referee in the world.

  • I wasn't appointed in that game because world rugby thought or we'll take a boxer.

  • You know we'll have the first open gay man in professional sport.

  • First open gay Aaron Drug.

  • Be sorry the first Open, the first gay referee to referee a Rugby World Cup final.

  • You know, this would look good on, you know, on our inclusiveness and diversity within our sport.

  • And if that was the case, and I would have told them, I'm sorry, I'm not refering the final Give it to somebody who deserves to do it.

  • That's why I think it's hugely important that, you know, it doesn't matter who you are that you were treated the same.

  • There's no the ticking of the boxes because, yeah, he's gay.

  • Let's take this box will give him the job.

  • No, as long as everybody gets the same opportunity on.

  • Thus, what rugby has allowed me to do is given me the opportunity to be myself.

  • A zoo said that it's helped me sort of come out and drag myself through those difficult times.

  • On dear is no doubt that you know, as I said, I do.

  • I owe more to my family and friends on the sport of rugby than they or rugby will ever ever wrote to me.

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it is as it doesn't matter.

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OWING TO RUGBY: Why Rugby Has Allowed Me To Be Myself & Has Helped Me Produce My Best - Nigel Owens

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