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If you could be anyone you wanted, who would you choose? (pause) Did you choose yourself?
If you didn’t, maybe you’re not living according to your full potential. To live
in your full potential requires that you embody your True Self. What would that feel like?
It would feel like loving and accepting who you are, being fully present in your feelings,
alive to your desires, inspired by the pursuit of your dreams, and joyfully engaging with
others, without letting in judgments, blame, or other thought patterns that might violate
your inner sanctity. Your True Self embraces four modes of interaction: Love, Respect,
Compassion and Appreciation. It is your birthright to live in your True Self. Thankfully, there
are some extraordinarily effective psychotherapy techniques that can help you get there. To
learn more and to find a practitioner near you, go to EMDR.com, and DNMSInstitute.com.
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How to Encounter Your True Self and Access Your Full Potential

673 Folder Collection
Hhart Budha published on June 11, 2014
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