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  • I want to play for you.

  • Uh, piece of video that was on television.

  • And it's Piers Morgan, one of the hosts of the one of the morning shows here on Disease, and his co host, um, getting very emotional about this topic and peers grew up in London for a large portion of his life, and so did his co host.

  • And you can see how much they care and how frustrated they are.

  • But the lack of the performance of our mayor and it's an important piece toe watch.

  • So here's Piers Morgan asking hard questions of our mayor about stabbing in London.

  • In the last five days, four people are getting three young men have been stabbed to death in your city.

  • On your watch.

  • Why is it not fair to say that you are failing in your mission?

  • You're talking about two incidents.

  • I've just said to you there'd been four knife murders in London in south London in a particular part of your city in the last five days, not two! Four, right.

  • And I think that we are entitled, as I've been a Londoner most of my adult life.

  • I've lived in South London around.

  • Actually, where at least two of these stabbings happen?

  • Susanna lives in that area, right?

  • So we feel personally invested is we've all we've got six sons between us who have walked around those streets on every parent in South London right now who's had that experience and has Children is now frightened.

  • They're frightened of their kids getting caught up in this on again.

  • I say to you, you know, what are you doing about your Twitter feed...

  • has been full of the last few days of "Keeping Londoners safe is my top priority as mayor."

  • Our new violence reduction unit brings together experts blah, blah, blah.

  • It's all good words.

  • But if people are getting stabbed on an almost daily basis to death in this city, we expect more from you as a mayor.

  • What are you going to do to stop this carnage?

  • Knife crime has surged by 16% in the capital on Thursday.

  • A 15 year old boy was stabbed.

  • Honestly, I can't talk about it.

  • I can't talk about it without getting upset.

  • Got Children the same age in the same part of London.

  • 15 year old boy was stabbed to death just got out to buy some chicken.

  • On Friday night, a 17 year old boy was a tube station stabbed to death.

  • My kids are out on Clapham Common that afternoon.

  • How can I possibly say to them?

  • It's safe for you to be out?

  • I can't talk to them about a task force and things are being done.

  • Teenagers cannot go out in that part of London without worrying that they might get hurt on the evidence is that they really could.

  • What can parents say to their teenagers?

  • We're talking about Children 15 and 17 years old, talking about Children, not talking about adults with weapons.

  • We're talking about Children who have died, what arrests have been made in those cases.

  • That's what I want to be able to tell my Children that those people responsible for those deaths are now being there arrested and they're being investigated, and they're going to be brought to justice.

  • But what you're not doing, Mr Mayor, is you're not stopping the homicides and this is my problem with it.

  • And I'm afraid, you know, we've We've had you on a number of times and you keep making promises and you keep talking about units and plans and sort of philosophy off stopping this violence.

  • But the problem is that it keeps happening.

  • But clearly whatever tactics you're deploying, whatever your strategy is, it is demonstrably failing.

  • If four people in one part of south London are stabbed to death in five days, in the last five days, your strategy for tackling knife crime in the capital city is clearly failing.

  • Do you accept that?

  • No.

  • Pays well, if you if you and you could see how emotionally charged this issue is, Um, you know, we really want answers when our leadership cannot give solutions to our own teenagers dying on our streets.

  • And I think it's right to ask those hard questions.

  • And you know, after almost five years in office, not to see any results and to actually see it getting worse.

  • It's unacceptable.

  • And it needs to change.

  • And it will change.

I want to play for you.

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GOOD MORNING BRITAIN ?: Why It's Right To Ask The Hard Questions About Knife Crime - Brian Rose

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