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  • my policy of family first is one of my 12 cornerstone policies.

  • And you can watch these in detail with video on my Brian for mayor dot London website.

  • And again, just to be clear, I have dunmore policy work than any candidate for mayor combined.

  • Honestly, if you go and look at the detail that we have put in here, we've done serious research.

  • We've gone out there.

  • I've done hour long episodes on riel deal about each one of these policies, and I'm gonna continue to push these ideas out there.

  • Not only that, I'm coming into every single community to talk to you, toe, listen to you and to learn from you about what I need to focus on as your next mayor of London.

  • This is Rial.

  • This is the way it should be in a democracy.

  • And I promise you that I'm gonna focus on your problems and your challenges as your next mayor of London.

  • And I'm not gonna let some political party or some strange donor or some strange agenda get in the way of doing the right thing again.

  • The best idea wins, period, and that's what we're talking about here and So one of my cornerstone policies as your next mayor of London is to put family first.

  • And that means that I'm gonna find innovative ways to do this.

  • First, I want to keep our family units together, and I want to give extra support.

  • Toe are single or lone parent families.

  • Next, I want to deal with problems proactively instead of reactively with really that preventative community support that the family hubs really embodies.

  • Next, I want to train our police to deal with domestic disputes in a way to ensure that they deescalate problems and protect the structure of the family.

  • When possible, I wanna provide lower transportation fares and discounted events for our families.

  • And finally, I wanna make sure that the family structure, no matter how unconventional, it's this timeless system of care and accountability that brings out the best in us.

  • And I want to invest in it as your next mayor of London.

  • And that's what I wanna dio I wanna promote the families, and I think we can really, uh, improve the economy.

  • We can reduce crime.

  • We could create happier mawr proactive citizens, and that's what I want to dio, along with my other policies.

  • I wanna get London back toe work.

  • That's what we're gonna do here.

  • Uh, it's important, and it's gonna be happening in the next few months.

  • Let's get London back toe work.

  • We know we can.

  • And we can get the economy strengthen, which is going to strengthen everything else in the city, including the mental health of our Children.

  • It's gonna help also ease the pressure on our NHS.

  • It's gonna give us the tax revenues we need.

  • It's gonna help save our TfL.

  • And again, I've got a multitude of other policies, including housing.

  • First, I'm gonna build riel homes 50,000 new homes by Christmas next year, I'm gonna put our education first.

  • I'm gonna put our health first again.

  • Prevention rather than cure.

  • Let's invest in our health with daily exercise mental practices.

  • It's all in detail on my website transport policy, putting science first and there's ah, whole host more so again, I'm super excited to become your next mayor of London.

  • I really appreciate the incredible ideas from Lord Farmer and Dr Callin when it comes to putting family first.

  • I think this is the most effective way we can utilize our resource is and get the biggest game quite honestly.

  • And I think we can solve a lot of these big problems that way that we see from the source.

  • Now, this might take time, but we are for a long term solutions.

  • That's what I wanna do is your next mayor of London.

  • I want to use the prevention rather than cure.

  • And I wonder what really?

  • I want to set up a structure that's gonna cause us toe win in the future.

  • And I really believe that by investing in families, it's gonna solve a lot of our other big problems that we see when it comes to crime and housing and education.

  • So again, I just want to say I'm coming to see you.

  • I'm coming to every single borough of London.

  • I wanna meet you.

  • Go to our website and you can book, you know, free tickets for all of those events.

  • The Brian Battle bus is coming to you.

  • I'm really excited to see you again.

  • I appreciate you If you feel that these ideas are important, please share this video.

  • Please talk to your friends and family to please tell them about me.

  • My ideas and our plans to become your next mayor of London.

  • Because the truth is this.

  • If you're not proactive, if you don't get out and vote, if you don't talk about my policies, then you're going to get three more years of the current mayor on.

  • The truth is now is that he just assumes he's going to get your vote.

  • His party usually gets your vote, and that's why I think that he continues to break his promises.

  • He doesn't seem to really do be doing anything proactively.

  • He doesn't seem to care, and he's sure not talking to you in your communities.

  • If you really want change, then I believe we have the right ideas.

  • If you can help us do this, I promise you that together we're gonna lead London in a new direction.

  • We're gonna make this place a world class city once again, and I'm super excited to make these improvements.

  • Honestly, when I hear about some of these numbers, it's hard emotionally to know how many Children, how many families in this city are struggling and we can fix these problems.

  • That's the thing.

  • We can fix these problems right now.

  • We just need leadership.

  • We need focus and is your next mayor of London.

my policy of family first is one of my 12 cornerstone policies.

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MY POLICIES: Why I Have Put More Into My Policies Than Any Other London Mayor Candidate - Brian Rose

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