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  • As you probably know by now, in the last couple months, at least, most people on the streets know by now I am running to be your next mayor of London, and this is a decision that I took many months to consider.

  • And trust me.

  • I was speaking with a taxi driver last night named Ben, and he said, So what's the story, Brian?

  • Did you always plan?

  • When you came here 20 years ago to be mayor and I laughed, I said, No, this is the last thing I wanted to dio.

  • I run a successful business and an incredible broadcasting platform that I'm so privileged to be a part of.

  • And we've got incredible work to do here in London, real in telling you the truth.

  • But I couldn't sit by and watch this current crop of politicians run are incredible city into the ground and lets no make make no mistake about it.

  • That's exactly what our current mayor of London is doing.

  • He's driving our city into the ground.

  • That means the future of your Children.

  • That means our livelihoods, our businesses, our quality of life, our health, our mental health.

  • It's all going down because of the decisions of one man who most people I meet Thio meets, thinks he's doing a horrible job and thinks we need to get rid of him right away.

  • Obviously, on May 6, you need to put that into practice with a vote.

  • But I decided to run for mayor because honestly, if I don't do it, I don't see anyone else out there who could do it.

  • The truth is, right now I am the only viable candidate.

  • And if I don't get in there to make the changes, you're gonna have another three or four years of your current mayor.

  • Is that what you want?

  • That's the question you really wanna ask yourself.

  • Do you want another three or four years of this guy at the helm?

  • You probably don't.

  • And so that's why I decided to run as your mayor of London.

  • Incredibly, um, the oddsmakers have put us in second right from the beginning, and we are moving into first as we speak, so you can probably see the oddsmakers I put up here and again.

  • I don't encourage gambling, but the odds are still pretty good in some of these odds makers, but you know, our good friends over at Patty Power have us is a 4 to 1.

  • I think that's still easy money, to be honest.

  • But we're way ahead of the conservative candidate and let me just emphasize this is only because of you.

  • It's only because of the support that I have from Londoners out there and the way you're talking about me as your next mayor of London, and I appreciate it again.

  • I'm humbled by the opportunity to serve you.

  • I really am.

  • And I look forward to go into that office and making these changes that are so easy to make.

  • There's nothing complicated about making these changes.

  • We just need someone in there who wants to serve the people, and that's what I plan on.

  • Doing so again, a new independent candidate like myself has never been in second place as the as the mayor of London.

  • This has never happened in history, but it's because of you were honored.

  • But we're here to win this race and make the changes, and again it doesn't take rocket science to know what we need to do, and we're looking forward to getting in there, so thank you so much.

  • I appreciate your support.

  • Please keep forwarding our videos, talking about this with your friends and family.

  • And of course, we need you to vote on May 6 next year.

  • That's that's really the ultimate test, and I'll talk more about that in the coming weeks.

  • Also, I want to say that the Brian for Mayor World Tour starts today, and a lot of people are laughing at me when I say that in the streets, they're saying, Brian, why do you need a world tour for mayor?

  • But we're calling it that because my plan is to visit every single borough in the city of London before Election Day.

  • And it's important because I want to go on the ground and listen to the challenges that you are facing a citizens in London and we're kicking it off tonight with the borough with the borough of Hackney.

  • We're going to Hamilton, which is a new area I used to visit actually every single week when I was mentoring a 10 year old boy there with this program called Chance UK and I used to go there all the time, so we're going to the Hamilton community center tonight at six PM and I'll be speaking to the audience there.

  • And I'm really looking forward to talking to you, listening to the issues.

  • I'm bringing my wife with me, which I'm super excited.

  • Some.

  • Some say that she's much more attractive than me and you're probably right.

  • And I'm super excited that she's coming.

  • She's an incredible woman.

  • She's a great mother, and she's got a lot of incredible ideas for also helping to move our city forward.

  • So she'll be there with me tonight.

  • You can go to our website, Brian for mayor dot London and book your ticket for the borough.

  • When I come to see you again, we're gonna go to every single borough in the city, all 33 of them.

  • And I want to come and see you.

  • So book your ticket Now go to our website and there'll be a page there for our support page where you can get your ticket now and come see me in person.

  • Come ask me your questions.

  • Tell me your concerns.

  • Take a picture with me again.

  • This is about the people and we're all going to do this together as ah community as a group of Londoners were all moving into City Hall together.

  • And we're gonna start making changes.

  • So I appreciate you.

  • I look forward to seeing you in your burrow.

  • My, my, my wife Wild stop my wife.

As you probably know by now, in the last couple months, at least, most people on the streets know by now I am running to be your next mayor of London, and this is a decision that I took many months to consider.

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YOUR NEXT MAYOR OF LONDON: Why I Am The Only Viable Candidate For Mayor Of London - Brian Rose

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