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  • Well, where are we in the state of, uh, people coming out in other sports?

  • Because I can't for the life of me name a gay American football player.

  • You know, that's a huge sport in the States.

  • Ah, gay mixed martial arts fighter or boxer or even a gay footballer or soccer player.

  • Now maybe there's a few out there, but it still feels like we've got a long way to go on some of these male macho dominated sports, and I would have never thought rugby might have been at the forefront for this movement.

  • But maybe it iss.

  • I think you're right in one sense, you know, there are people out there is a financial box it out, you know, with utmost respect to you.

  • I can't remember his name off the top of my head.

  • There are people out in different sports, but there isn't somebody like in soccer.

  • For example, there isn't a big star that Z that's what everybody's waiting.

  • Everybody is waiting to see who the first big star in football coming out is going to be on how the world in the media is going to react to it, and I honestly believe this, that the majority off the world on the people within soccer and any other sport as well will react hugely positively.

  • There will be a minority.

  • There's a minority of bad people in every walks of life, but the majority will outweigh them by a long, long way and it will be hugely positive.

  • But everybody's waiting.

  • That puts extra pressure on.

  • That person was thinking, Who do I really want to be?

  • The first?

  • Do I really want to deal with this pressure off being the first person and everything is gonna come with it.

  • I also think it's a very personal thing as well.

  • You can't tell someone else you have to come out.

  • You know you can't.

  • That's an important thing to them as a huge important thing to remember that wherever it is that they allowed to do so in their own time for the right reason and they do it for themselves.

  • I came out because I did it for myself.

  • I didn't come out because the world needed a professional person to come out in rugby on the first openly gay referee to come out.

  • That's not why I did it on DNO soccer player.

  • Any other sport should come out because the world needs them.

  • World does need them.

  • The world need role models in every walk of life, on the more role models there are for the younger generation in particular on the better.

  • I was society in communities on, the better this world will be.

  • But what?

  • A lot of people are struggling.

  • I was struggling until I accepted.

  • At 26 years of age, I was struggling with who I waas, so there is no way I could have come out before 26 years of age because I was fighting against it myself.

  • So there's a reason as well where there's a lot of people not come out in sport because a lot of those people who tend to be in the peak of your careers in most of those sports will be from your late teens till your late twenties, maybe early thirties.

  • That's when most people peak in in sport or a lot of sports on bond.

  • A lot of those people who are in those sports are not coming out, Ah, lot of them.

  • If they're like me on a lot of them, will be are fighting against it themselves.

  • They may be becoming somebody.

  • I don't want to be gay, and that's the way I was.

  • There is no doubt there's a lot of people like that.

  • So that's the reason why a lot of people not out on you do tend to see then a few more people coming out after their careers of come to an end or coming to an end, because by that time they like me, have accepted who they were.

  • They have now found the sort of courage and stuff over the next few years to sort of finally tell people.

  • So I was 26 years of age and accepted who I waas.

  • I was 33 or 34 years of age before I actually came out.

  • So you put into the context of the sports people by the time they accept that, because there are different to the norms of costs that are but a lot of them.

  • By the time they accept, they probably be the mid twenties, but the time they've actually decided right now is the time I'm feeling strong enough to do something about this or I have to do something about it.

  • They're probably in the early to mid thirties, and by that time their careers are over coming to an end.

  • So there's more than one reason why people haven't come out in support on yes as well.

  • It's only the last few years that we've made huge grounds like the great work that organizations like Stonewall in Wales in the U.

  • K.

  • You do on a lot of other wonderful organizations as well, like the you know, showing red card to racism on homophobia and support campaigns and stuff like that on its only after a lot of the hard work they've been doing, how we started to break down barriers on the environment in sport in particular, is now becoming an environment where people can feel they can be themselves a lot of work to be done again.

  • But it is getting better.

  • We aren't getting there and I think in years to come, hopefully a year, a couple of years it could be film and Sue knows that we will see more people coming out because they're now actually able to accept who they are sooner because knowing the environment they're in is gonna accept them on.

  • That will help you as well.

  • Except where you are sooner.

  • I think.

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Well, where are we in the state of, uh, people coming out in other sports?

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HOMOSEXUALITY IN SPORT: Why The Person Will Need To Come Out In Their Own Time - Nigel Owens

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