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  • So let's start.

  • I really want to talk about this important concept of family first.

  • And let's be honest families.

  • They come in all shapes and all sizes.

  • They're never perfect, but they're always really, really important.

  • And the truth is this When the family unit breaks down, parts of society really break down.

  • And I think the current mayor of London just doesn't really understand that concept.

  • And the truth is this He has really failed us in so many ways.

  • And I've highlighted this over the past few weeks, and I just want to bring up some of those points.

  • The big thing to know is that knife crime it is at all time nightmare levels.

  • And you see this headline here where the current mayor, uh, you know, just marked his 100th teenager killed during his time is mayor thes numbers air shocking, and they're going up and up and up every single year that he is in power.

  • He promised to fight these issues, But the truth is that knife crime has rose 38% in the year prior to lock down.

  • Homicides are at an 11 year high, and our current mayor of London his response to all of this.

  • Well, he's cutting the police budget by £110 million.

  • So I did an entire episode on this.

  • You can go back and watch it on our real deal page on our website, but he is failing us when it comes to crime.

  • Next, One of the major problems of the city is a complete lack of affordable housing.

  • And you can see this headline here, uh, you know, our current mayor of London again to miss one of his housing targets.

  • And the truth is this.

  • When our current mayor of London came into office, he promised 80,000 new homes per year.

  • And if you total up the past five years, that means that he owes us 400,000 homes.

  • How many's he built?

  • Well, In 2020 he built a total of 1600 homes.

  • 1600 homes is what he's built this year in 2020.

  • That's almost at a close.

  • And when you look at his entire entire tenor is mayor.

  • He started only 34,000 homes, and he completed Onley 12,000 new homes.

  • That's 3% of what he promised on this is having a massive strain on the city.

  • He was given £5 billion by the government in 2018 to build 116,000 new homes.

  • Where are those homes?

  • Where is the money?

  • It's not happening, and it's another failure for this city.

  • And finally we see what's happened with education Currently on Lee, uh, 22% of our secondary students are not even attending school right now.

  • That's one of the major problems here in London and, according to a recent study by the princes, trust some of the shocking statistics about the state of our mind of our young young Children.

  • It's it's really dire.

  • And if you look at some of these numbers on screen, you'll see 44% of our younger generation.

  • They have lower aspirations for the future 48% field.

  • They'll never succeed in life.

  • And 43% of young people say I'll never expect to have a job I really love.

  • This is a breakdown and what we're doing for our Children.

  • The truth is, our current mayor has been very ineffective in solving these problems, and to me it's clear that he doesn't care about housing.

  • He doesn't care about education, and he really doesn't care about crime because he doesn't care about communities.

  • But it goes further than that.

  • I believe he doesn't actually understand the problem.

  • And one of the ways to look at all of these problems is to look at the fact that we have a fundamental breakdown in the family structure.

  • And when the family breaks down, it potentially causes other problems.

  • And if we can just support families mawr in always, I believe we can ease pressure on our housing on our education and potentially also ease pressure on crime.

  • And luckily recently on London Real about two months ago, I was really honored to have Lord Michael Farmer come on this show when we had an incredible conversations over two hours long, he watched the whole thing for free on London, real or on some of our social media channels.

  • And he has been working tirelessly for the past few years of trying toe Look at the problems that Britain faces and London faces through the lens of the family unit, and he believes that prevention is better than cure, and he's done some incredible work with Dr Samantha Callen and the Center for Social Justice to try to find out how he could look at improving the family structure and that itself improving a lot of our issues around housing and education and around crime.

  • And here's a short clip of Lord Farmer speaking with me in the studio not less than two months ago, talking about how governments are starting toe, look at everything through the lens of the family and they're starting toe work together.

  • So here is Lord Farmer.

  • But I mean at the moment where learning that there's a Cabinet level family minister being appointed, whose job is to coordinate policies concerning families, cross departmental government departments so that instead of being side does where you got the Ministry of Education not wanting to work with the Ministry of Work and pensions or something on a little their own little silo you'll have an actual policy of you need to work together here local level, local council level and at government level to produce workable good policies.

  • You put a lot of time on this Well, I mean, look, I'm in my seventies, you know, there's one of my verses, some 19th is the sum of motor Moses.

  • It's great in the middle.

  • It says.

  • Lord, teach me to number my days that I may have a heart of wisdom and that really hit me when a zai got older and I thought, I've only got so many days and you depend on the Lord and the Lord is giving me the help of from Smith, who's got a huge knowledge.

  • I got allies.

  • They're like the Center for Social Justice and other allies in Parliament.

  • And you just meet with ministers.

  • You argue you're trying to put, you know the importance, and it's on the culture shifting.

  • I think it's slowly shifting every department.

  • We didn't talk to the Treasury.

  • Do you know what stable families, if you have more stable families, would mean to the productivity of this country?

  • That is why Why is the UK so poor and productivity?

  • Could it be connected to also the graph, which shows we have ah, lot of family breakdown?

  • You know, the bloke in the office who's getting a divorce?

  • Is he gonna work very well.

  • He's going to be stressed.

  • He's gonna be anxious.

  • Yeah, so it's slowly and won praise economic.

  • And there was Lord Farmer.

  • He's done incredible work, really incredible work, dedicating the rest of his life into trying to help Britain through that lens of family.

  • And that's what they do in the House of Lords.

  • It's a life peerage, and he spent so much of his time working on riel policy and affecting incredible change here in Britain.

  • I want to share some of the things that he's been working on with Dr Samantha Callen, and he was really my inspiration for our entire family first policy.

  • And the more time I spend with him, the more I'm really impressed with his riel dedication to humanity on dial share with more of his ideas as we go on throughout this broadcast.

So let's start.

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FAMILY FIRST: Why Families Need To Be Supported So Parts Of Society Doesn't Break Down - Brian Rose

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