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  • access to affordable housing is one of the most important issues to the nine million citizens here at London.

  • And last week I was at the Wally Foster Community Center in Hamilton, speaking with a group of community leaders and citizens about the most important things that were on their mind.

  • Of course, getting London back toe work was one of them, uh, the atrocious rise in knife crime under our current mayor and, of course, the lack of affordable housing to buy or rent.

  • This is what we talked about over the course of two hours, and I will be in Tower Hamlets this Friday to have another discussion with community leaders and anyone else who wants to come, and I invite you to be there.

  • The truth is, is that the state of housing in London is really at nightmare proportions, and when the current mayor was elected back in 2016, he promised 80,000 new homes per year.

  • You can look it up.

  • He promised 80,000 new homes per year.

  • He's about to finish his five year term, and that means 400,000 new homes is what he promised us.

  • Let's look at the numbers.

  • How many homes did you build this year?

  • In 2020 he built 1600 homes.

  • You heard me right 1600 homes in 2020.

  • And what about how he's done since 2016?

  • While he started construction of only 34,000 homes, 34,000 homes?

  • Remember, he promised 400,000.

  • But here is the kicker.

  • He's only completed 12,000 homes in the past five years, and this is a source of massive frustration and, you know, economic pain for so many families in this city and for so many people.

  • And the truth is, is we are tired off our elected officials talking about building houses, and we need to start building houses.

  • Also, back in 2018, our current mayor was given £4.8 billion by the government to build 116,000 houses.

  • Two years later, where are the houses?

  • And while we're at it, where's the money?

  • It's We've seen nothing built in this city.

  • And so our current mayor of London has failed in his promises, and he has lied to us about the building of these very necessary structures that allows London to function.

  • How can our key workers, like teachers, nurses, firefighters, policemen live in the city and protect us?

  • If there's no place for them to affordably live, it's unacceptable.

  • And we need solutions now.

  • I spoke about this in length last week in my studio On my real deal on, I talked about an incredible concept called modular housing, where you can actually order customized housing, have it shipped and have it built and ready to go in a matter of months and weeks, not years.

  • And I pledge to you this by Christmas 2021 I will have built 50,000 new homes in London as your next mayor of London built.

  • I think we should stop talking about building housing and we should start building housing.

  • And I think, and I know that we can put these homes in Burrows throughout this city on provide solutions to the housing problem right now.

  • So it's an important topic.

  • I'm very curious for your thoughts.

  • Please leave your comments below again.

  • I am coming to every single borough in this city because it's important that I listen to you and find out what your challenges are.

  • So when I'm elected mayor on May 6, I could start solving these problems for you.

  • That is the job of our elected officials.

  • Unfortunately, this current crop of politicians seem to be more interested in their political fundraising and their 100 years old parties and their own careers.

  • Uh, they don't seem to be interested in serving the citizens.

  • And we're gonna change all that on May 6th.

  • Thank you for your time.

  • Leave your comments below and I look forward to talking more about this very important topic.

access to affordable housing is one of the most important issues to the nine million citizens here at London.

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