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  • starts in 2001.

  • I was in New York City.

  • I was living the New York City.

  • Bright lights, big city lifestyle.

  • I lived on housing between Avenue A and I was partying.

  • I was drinking, I was into drugs and I was.

  • My life was going downhill.

  • Hens.

  • Oh, I was almost 30 years old and my life was a mess.

  • And that year's amazing how it's amazing how one thing drags the other don't realize the escalates in such a way that if you're not careful, you know.

  • Yeah, and that's what happened to me.

  • I had a girlfriend for four years.

  • We broke up that year.

  • As you know, 9.

  • 11 happened that year, so the planes went into the trade center.

  • I was living not far, far away, and I overdosed from drugs that year.

  • Alright, I overdosed from heroin that year, and it was the lowest point in my life, and luckily I got out of New York City because I had to get out of that city and I moved to London in January 2002, and about four months later, one of my good friends from New York called me up and he said, Brian, you gotta try something And I said What I said What?

  • He said.

  • It's called Jiu Jitsu.

  • I never heard of it before.

  • Nobody had really heard of it.

  • Unless you were really knew what was going on.

  • And he said, You got to try it.

  • And hens Oh, I'd never done any real physical activity in 10 years since I was in high school, right?

  • I was all about my brain, you know?

  • I studied an engineering.

  • I worked on Wall Street.

  • All that stuff and I Googled hit.

  • Google was probably just invented.

  • And I found a guy in London who was one of Hodja Gracie students, actually.

  • And we started training one Saturday, a week, one Saturday, a week.

  • And I kid you not hens.

  • Oh, I trained every week for eight years.

  • One Saturday became Saturday and Sunday, and Jiu jitsu gave me my life back.

  • I was a shell of a man and it built me up.

  • It got everything back right in my life.

  • I got my blue belt, got my purple belt.

  • Later from Hajer Gracie, I started training boxing, Thai boxing.

  • It changed everything.

  • And today I'm sober I got a beautiful family.

  • I'm doing this show, but hens Oh, if it was me and my buddy was training, he was training at your academy in New York City.

  • John Danaher was his coach.

  • He trained at the Old Place on 37th Street and Eighth Avenue.

  • And I'll tell you, the last part of the story is I went back to New York City a year later and I wouldn't go back to New York because I didn't want to go back.

  • I didn't want to relapse, but I waited a year and I came back to New York and we went and we trained a private with John Danaher at your old studio above the methadone clinic on 37th Street.

  • And that was my journeyman.

  • And I've been, you know, off the drugs since then.

  • So I just wanna thank you, man.

  • You give me like my life for my beautiful brother.

  • This is usually treason.

  • Amazing toe to help people to make them stronger.

  • It's a funny team, people say, But physically I don't have I don't think that I'm fit for your jiujitsu feet.

  • You even if you're a midget, doesn't matter.

  • You're gonna be good.

  • You know, I have the students.

  • I have a two students that they handicapped.

  • They don't have the movements from the legs.

  • And every time they are in New York, one of them fights a lot, completes a lot.

  • And every time he's in New York, I go there and I stay hours with them.

  • Gonna metrics change knowledge because they find leverages in things that I for the fact that I have the movements of my legs I I can never developed.

  • And I learned from them a lot.

  • You know, they come back to teach me, you know, it's it's insane.

  • So in reality you just described is use it so perfectly.

  • Yeah, that's you.

  • It changes you is an amazing tool to make you You build your inner strength and and make a better view.

  • You know, its's amazing.

  • And I'm in awe that what you just described me is what I've been feeling since I was five years old.

  • Really.

  • My wife from my wife.

starts in 2001.

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