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  • -Now, Meghan, everyone knows

  • that you're an amazing singer,

  • so I thought it could be fun if you and I

  • performed a few songs.

  • But there's a catch to mix things up.

  • We fed these songs into Google Translate.

  • And we're gonna perform the jumbled lyrics right now.

  • It's time for "Google Translate Songs."

  • -♪ Google Translate Songs

  • -So, if you've ever used Google Translate,

  • you know that it's not always perfect.

  • For example, when translated to Slovak and back,

  • "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon"

  • becomes "Today's Performance

  • with Jimmy Fallon in the Lead Role."

  • -Yes. -So we did the same thing

  • with song lyrics.

  • Some people have done this online.

  • It's super fun. I'm gonna start us off, okay?

  • I am going to be performing -- -Great.

  • I'm gonna read the lyrics here.

  • A Google Translated version of "Mr. Brightside,"

  • by The Killers, which is now called "Glowing Wall is Me."

  • Can I get some music?

  • ♪♪

  • -Whoo! Unbelievable.

  • -Killers might call and want to do that version.

  • -I really liked it. [ Both laugh ]

  • -They're not going to, but they might.

  • All right. Meghan, it is your turn.

  • You will be singing the Google Translated version

  • of your hit song "All About That Bass,"

  • which is now called "I am Full of Fish."

  • -[ Laughing ] Okay. -I guess they mis--

  • They probably thought it was bass.

  • -Yeah. -All right. Well, here we go.

  • Let's hear it.

  • ♪♪

  • -Yes! [ Both laugh ]

  • -Oh. That is fantastic.

  • -I liked it better. -That is what I'm talking about.

  • All right, for our last one, let's do a duet

  • of the classic Christmas song

  • "It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas."

  • But we'll be singing the translated version,

  • which is called, "I'll Take a Look at the Christmas Pie."

  • -[ Exhales sharply ] Okay.

  • -[ Laughs ] Can we get some music?

  • -I'm fully sweating.

  • ♪♪

  • -Okay.

  • -[ Laughs ]

  • -Meghan Trainor, everybody! -[ Laughing ]

  • Her new holiday album, "A Very Trainor Christmas,"

  • is out now.

-Now, Meghan, everyone knows

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Google Translate Songs with Meghan Trainor

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