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  • there was an interview you did back in the day.

  • Maybe it was in the movie choke.

  • Or around that time where you said, You know, this whole thing of scheduling a fight was new for you because when you were in Rio, the fight could happen at any time.

  • And it's different than having a fight that's coming up in a certain time.

  • And a lot of fighters aren't used to that.

  • Yeah, and not only this is very easy to get in a fight.

  • When you're emotional, get angry, you're going to fight.

  • But when you book, that's the problem with wallet.

  • He he cannot The books he start, he start getting afraid.

  • Now, from the day off gets nervous, he gets anxious.

  • I don't My last fight.

  • At 51 years old, I was actually sleeping.

  • I was out in the locker room and my brother comes to wake me up.

  • I say it's time he goes.

  • No, there's half a now our I say, What's wrong with you?

  • Finally, I'm taking a nap.

  • You wake me up, you need to warm up.

  • You need to stay warm up.

  • I cross half off the globe.

  • I'm warm for a month.

  • Just call me when it's time to walk out.

  • That's it.

  • I will.

  • I will job thio my walk in and then I'll be fine on.

  • That's exactly what I have a picture off me sleeping and me being raised with victory and that both pictures is half an hour, 40 minutes difference between both pictures.

  • You know, the time between both pictures.

  • I mean Hensel, were you ever scared to fight?

  • Or was this your personality?

  • No, it za funny thing.

  • It's like we always say If you're afraid to use the restroom, you shouldn't be.

  • You shouldn't like Italian food.

  • You shouldn't need Italian food.

  • So the reality trained my whole life Everything that I did this and I become a teacher that I passed this knowledge in this conflict.

  • So if I was afraid, I'll be betrayed the most secretary I have that I've been given to my shooters and the people around me.

  • I can fight any time, any day, anywhere in any situation.

  • You know, I fought inside the water many times when I was surfing and I had an arm lock from the guard inside the water that never failed.

  • Never failed.

  • I could get the guy in the army lock and I make him top inside the water every time.

  • And I never broken arm.

  • Even though they give me reason to do it, I will make them give up.

  • And look, if you keep fighting the next, I'm gonna get it again and I'll break it.

  • And they would agree They let it go in the water, skinny in the water.

  • So you're holding your breath, your underwater holding your breath.

  • But I was so because it was so easy there was no footing.

  • They put him defend.

  • So the moment that we grabbed, I grabbed the head of spin.

  • I get the arm, there's no defense, so I would keep it.

  • And then I bring my head out just enough.

  • And we both were, like, good, his eye screaming.

  • And I said, I'm gonna break the next time it was It was so skinny they wouldn't believe they would come to surf there.

  • Good athletes.

  • And they look at that skinny little guy.

  • I was probably, uh, 16.

  • 17.

  • It was like £100.105 you know?

  • So they look at me like, what are you talking about?

  • I said, Look, there's no surfing here.

  • You're not behaving you like a joint before you're walking in here, you cannot serve each day out.

  • You know the skids, our family on the beach and you want to smoke about.

  • You have to understand we had one guy in our team, the smoke joints smoke of marijuana, man.

  • He never We never saw him smoking.

  • And he never smoke in front of the kids.

  • The other day I'm walking here in New York.

  • There's a guy.

  • The guy lights a bung in the middle of the street.

  • Now it's, you know, I'm passing by a kick him right away.

  • I couldn't help When there's people passing by, I Buddhist and he apologize because you don't understand you started allowing this to happen.

  • Next thing you see, there's a rapist there.

  • There's a person who is going to steal, and it's not going to steal from you.

  • Is going to steal from your grandmother is going to steal from your Your niece is going to steal from your nationals from from the Children.

  • The old people, your grandfather.

  • You know when you let that Escalade look what happened in New York mouth because he's saying, You know, you can't let that happen really worship while you were Stop my wife.

there was an interview you did back in the day.

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