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  • So you've heard the news that your current mayor of London has finally got exactly what he wants and that is taking the city that he runs into a full tier three lockdowns.

  • Yes, the man that was elected by you, the voters has now shut down the economy.

  • He wants to shut down the schools.

  • He wants to take every single borough as one down into bankruptcy, into struggling health into struggling mental health.

  • This has been his agenda since Day one, and it's hard to watch it happen in slow motion as it's going.

  • The UK hospitality has just announced that this move to Tier three is going to permanently kill 160,000 jobs permanently here in London.

  • Because of this move to to the Tier three lock down the Christmas season, which was the last hope for many, many small businesses, is now being decimated by this move.

  • All because why, Because a few boroughs in London favoring, for example, is now going over 400 per 100,000 people, is faras positive test cases and a couple other outer boroughs are hitting that threshold, and now they're shutting down the core of the city, including boroughs like Kensington and Chelsea that barely have 100 cases per 100,000.

  • And that is this all as one strategy that your current mayor has come up with because he can't conceive of anything else.

  • This man does not use science and has shown a complete lack of leadership and a disproportionate response to the virus.

  • It's hard to watch.

  • I've had so many business leaders on my show talking about their struggle to try to keep their businesses financially viable so they can employ people and make capital investments in the city that we love and they're now being closed.

  • And where is the science?

  • Where is the science?

  • It's not there.

  • It's all an illusion.

  • It's an information war that's being waged by our media and our politicians air going along for the ride and what's gonna happen Come May, your current mayor is gonna throw his hands up and say it was the government's fault.

  • Give me another bailout, as he's already asked for the TfL and his housing failures, and he's gonna say it wasn't my fault.

  • That's the line.

  • He always says.

  • The true sign of a leader is one who takes ownership over his own mistake's What's up, man?

  • Thank you so much, man.

  • We're gonna do this.

  • Some supporters for mayor all around us, and I Hopefully you are there as well, and that's what he does.

  • He does this to blame the government, but that's not leadership in my mind.

  • A mayor should do two things.

  • Listen to the citizens, including these people and everyone around and then serve them, not act in some strange agenda that goes with his political party.

  • But the truth is this.

  • The mayor is not worried about not getting reelected.

  • He no, he's going to get your vote because your parents voted for labor and your parents.

  • Parents voted for labor, so he knows he can promise things to you.

  • Break those promises.

  • He knows he can outright lie to you, and he's still going to get your vote.

  • And that's why he's walking around, not even bothered because he knows he's got your vote and he doesn't even have to deliver to you.

  • And if you don't stop yourself now, you're gonna give him that vote and I am providing you an option.

  • An independent candidate, then I don't have toe.

  • Look up to a party.

  • I don't have toe weight on millions of fundraising from strange sources.

  • I don't have to get my policies approved.

  • I get my policies from scientists from doctors from Nobel Prize winners.

  • I get my policies by speaking to the people and finding solutions.

  • That's what a leader does.

  • Ah, leader, innovates innovates.

  • Our current mayor would know innovation if it hit him in the head, and unfortunately all he has is a hammer.

  • So everything looks like a nail.

  • It's lock down, lock down, lock down.

  • That's the only solution.

  • Meanwhile, we are all paying for it.

  • Our Children are paying for it, and I can't sit idly by and watch the city.

  • I love being run into the ground by this current politicians.

  • So please tell me your thoughts.

  • It's a travesty.

  • We're going into tier Three things could have been avoided.

  • It doesn't need to happen.

  • But it's happening anyways And mark my words December 2021 we could be back in the same Tier three locked down situation.

  • I know you say no, That's crazy, Bryant.

  • There's no way this is gonna be like that in a year.

  • We got the vaccine.

  • We got this and that.

  • Yeah, really?

  • If you have the same mayor in charge, what's to say he's not going to come up with a good reason not to lock us down a year from now?

  • Two years from now?

  • They told us in March it was for two weeks.

  • Remember that.

  • Remember that.

  • Leave me your comments below.

  • We've got less than five months to make a change in this city.

  • Let's take London in a new direction.

  • Let's show real leadership.

  • Let's give our younger generations some hope.

  • Let's empower our businesses.

  • Let's get London back toe work.

  • Let's put science first.

  • Let's put family first.

  • Let's put our health first.

  • That's what I'm talking about.

  • Let's make a change.

  • Thank you.

So you've heard the news that your current mayor of London has finally got exactly what he wants and that is taking the city that he runs into a full tier three lockdowns.

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