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  • What about Japan?

  • How was it different fighting there and what was it?

  • What do you remember from a soccer?

  • Robert fights the Japanese crowd.

  • It is very quiet, the clap when there's a good move 1st.

  • 2nd they quick clap and stop the cheer for second and stop so you can discuss them to find the pain.

  • Because you can hear all your coaches.

  • They don't have to scream.

  • We can have a total conversation between the fight, so there's no screening from the crowd.

  • There's no yet unknown is very quiet.

  • Very suspect for the state's silent.

  • A good move happened.

  • The clap.

  • Stop the cheer.

  • Stop Very quiet.

  • So it's good to fight Japan for that.

  • You can listen to the coaches sack.

  • Rob those incidents A crab on the press conference.

  • As soon as I arrived in Japan, they for the first fight because the fatwa vice first fight.

  • He's a very good upon it.

  • So they separate me from my team will arrive together.

  • We're supposed to go to the hotel last minute they go at the at the airport, they go send the team to the hotel.

  • You come with us.

  • We're gonna do a quick interview.

  • The team wasn't very happy with that.

  • Want to leave me alone with them?

  • But it's like, No, it's OK.

  • So we went toe do this interview we got there was a major press conference in South Grab and I So they set me up on that one.

  • Did the press conference say of the promoter says some words, Is the translator next to me?

  • And oh, I say a couple words, Okay, like all this due respect for my point is the worst appointed.

  • Um, the fight is no time limit.

  • Tell somebody no rounds those unlimited rounds and tell somebody quit, Okay.

  • And, uh, they give the mike to secure abre Zakharova said.

  • The translators translating to me, he said, He said, Yeah, choices, opponent Heist is a good opponent, So I'm like, Yes, but I think we should do a first to the winner winner Take off.

  • Oh man.

  • Right here.

  • If I accept that and the mike came back to me, what do you have to say about the rise?

  • If I say okay, I accept.

  • I'm following his leadership.

  • Make a person to person the winner take all first to the winner If I say no, I want to get paid.

  • I'm afraid to lose.

  • If I say yes, I'm following this ship.

  • If I say no, I'm afraid I'm I'm gonna lose.

  • I want to get paid.

  • Well, look at him.

  • Look at the media stood up and I said, Hey, your man, I'm a man.

  • Let's do right now from over getting the bag of money put outside the door.

  • Evacuated Everybody get outside the door and the window will be right out E g the migrant back to him.

  • He didn't know what to say.

  • He's like, got shut down.

  • He's like, got quiet, Didn't say a word.

  • Got the mike back and said Look at the meeting and said, I think you guys are gonna have to wait 10 days or two weeks from now.

  • When I got that two weeks to see this fight.

  • I don't think he wants to fight right now.

  • Yeah, that was a good move.

  • I'm quick on that.

  • When it comes to that, you're a man.

  • I'm a man, man.

  • You don't have to wait and talk to each other.

  • Let's do it right now.

  • But more to put it back and I met and I met even when jet lag man, I don't care.

  • Let's do it.

  • Your man.

  • I'm a man.

  • You calling me out?

  • There's no time.

  • And there's no place Why my wife?

  • My wife Mhm.

What about Japan?

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FIGHTING IN JAPAN ??: What The Differences Are With Fighting In Japan & The Crowds - Royce Gracie

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