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  • way.

  • See a mayor that has failed us.

  • He tells us he's going to solve the problem.

  • He tells us gnome, Or are our Children gonna die on the streets from knife crime?

  • On Thursday, a 15 year old boy was stabbed.

  • Honestly, I can't talk about it.

  • I can't talk about it without getting upset.

  • Got Children the same age in the same part of London?

  • 15 year old boy was stopped death.

  • I kept doing my research.

  • And it's not just this year that your current mayor of London has been crippling the police force.

  • And the more I go into these numbers, the more it sickens me.

  • London now has the lowest number of police officers per capita than any city in the UK.

  • No wonder violent crime is going up.

  • No wonder knife crime is going up.

  • One of my key policies as your next mayor is to make London safe again.

  • I want to support the Metropolitan Police with MAWR situation based training protocols, zero tolerance for a knife, crime and possession.

  • Everyone needs to know it's no longer acceptable to do that.

  • I want to address the cause of crime.

  • That's the problem that No one's talking about here.

  • We have to start at the root of this problem.

  • The knife crime is the end.

  • Results off a lack of leadership in the community.

  • We've got to promote positive pathways for our youth.

  • We are going to solve these problems together.

  • We're going to support our police.

  • We're gonna lead this city in a new direction.

  • And our teenagers, our Children and our citizens can walk the streets and safety.

  • I promise you that.

  • ATTN.

  • London really way Believe that individual transformation can change the world.

  • Join us on start your journey today way.


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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/04
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