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  • you went on to fight in Japan.

  • You had some too, I think, to epic bouts with, um, Sack Araba on incredible legend in Japan.

  • What was it like fighting in Japan and in pride versus the experience in America.

  • And what do you remember most from those battles with Sack Araba and Yoshida?

  • I mean, you've got some big guys in Japan too.

  • Akebono.

  • Which was how How heavy was he?

  • £500.

  • Former 94 80 46 890 miles.

  • Years 68 How do you fight a guy like that?

  • How do you fight?

  • Okay, when I accept the fight, everybody was like, Oh, my God, you're crazy.

  • How can you fight somebody that big?

  • How you gonna take him down?

  • He's the best.

  • Some arrests off all times.

  • He gets paid not to put his knees on the ground.

  • There's no way you're gonna take him down.

  • So and you cannot punch him.

  • How you gonna out?

  • How you gonna beat such a guy again with this?

  • Not with this This My father said he's going to rush him to you when he Russian.

  • You pretty much sit down.

  • He's gonna fall on top of you when you get us inside your guard, then you can beat him up.

  • And that's exactly what happened.

  • So I just kind of do a little kick and sat now he came on me, fell on top of me The first time I start to go his back.

  • He got up.

  • He actually shoved me off his back.

  • I was mad with that because I was off the ground bouncing the ropes and came back.

  • And like, I can't believe he just shoved me off like that.

  • And then second time, exactly the same thing I threw a little kick, sat down.

  • He came right inside of my guard again.

  • But this time I got caught him in a show.

  • The lock combo platter with a wrist with a wrist lock together.

  • Wow!

  • After good bite after the fight, before the FIDE everybody's like you're crazy.

  • The guys so big you can't take him down.

  • You cannot punch him after the fight.

  • Oh, yeah, You won because he's big and slow.

  • What I tell people is walk up was 6 ft 8, 490 person and slapped him on the face.

  • You see how slow they moved a train coming at you?

  • Why?

  • Why?

  • Like my wife?

  • Why stop my wife?

you went on to fight in Japan.

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FIGHTING A SUMO: What It Was Like Fighting The Sumo Wrestler Akebono In Japan - Royce Gracie

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