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  • all right.

  • Just finishing up a training session here.

  • Virgin.

  • Nice to be back in the gym, doing a little B boy floor work over here gets, um, head spins going on on.

  • Uh, it's just great to have a ness n Shal service.

  • Like a gym back is something we all need for our mental health.

  • This has got to stay open.

  • No matter what we locked down on.

  • I just appreciate all the great work done by our brother Nick.

  • Quick home up in the north, who fought and fought and fought to now make sure that Jim stay open as an essential service in tier two and tier three locked down on.

  • You know, the way Nick and fight, I'll probably get this to stay open in a tier four tier five or whatever the hell they got coming for us.

  • So I appreciate you, Nick.

  • We appreciate you on.

  • For those of you out there, your health is something you don't value until it's gone.

  • And right now it's more crucial than ever.

  • We invest in our health, so move your body every day.

  • It's not hard.

  • You're gonna do a 10 minute yoga routine on YouTube.

  • Get here on the floor.

  • You can hit a bag.

  • I was just hitting the bag.

  • You can do some push ups.

  • You could go for a walk and go for a run.

  • Just do something.

  • Moving that body.

  • Keeping that spine mobile is how you That's how you live long.

  • It's how you stay happy.

  • So, um, get out there.

  • Get moving.

  • And again, big thanks to Nick for fighting for us to make sure these gyms stay open.

  • Someday our government will understand that physical health is crucial to mental health.

  • And gyms are an essential service in this country and all over the world.

  • So get out there and move today.

  • Thanks to Virgin for opening up again.

  • Thanks for Nick.

all right.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/03
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