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  • How do you know when when to be a writer and when to be a performer?

  • And when you first started writing at Cambridge, you know, how did you know that you could be both?

  • And when you write something, how do you know not to take it for yourself and give it to someone else?

  • I mean, that must be tricky.

  • I think in a funny kind of way that when I'm writing, I'm just a writer.

  • I remember quite seriously in fish.

  • Go wander.

  • I remember writing this stuff with cheese hanging upside down.

  • Yeah, great.

  • When I sort of thought, Oh, my God, that's me.

  • So I was seeing it out there or something that was making me funny and I temporary for gotten.

  • I'd be hanging upside down, so I didn't have any problem.

  • There was, although there was a distinction in my mind, I did.

  • I could just look at the writing and the other thoughts didn't come into my mind.

  • I just pushed them away, but not consciousness.

  • But you enjoy performing.

  • I enjoy performing that very much because I was working with Palin and Jamie and Kevin, and if you're working with people like that.

  • It becomes playful, you see, because if you're working with somebody's not quite as good, you sometimes worry a little bit about him or her.

  • And then, of course, that's not as good.

  • But when you have people working with people with whom you have complete confidence and who were very generous performers, then it's really rather wonderful.

  • You just play together and things happen that you not planned it all.

  • And when you look up on the screen, you just think it's so simple.

  • But it's so fresh, it really works.

  • I'm gonna watch it again tonight, John.

  • You got me all excited.

  • E.

  • When you mentioned the cinematographer, I remember that that 180 degree shot where they you're hanging off, the about whether whatever the part on the Thames and they go, that's a great shot.

  • Was that scary to be upside down?

  • No, because I had to safety wires going from a body harness down my trouser legs and they went over into two grooves.

  • And when Kevin Climb was talking to me, he put his hand over the grooves, you see, so you couldn't see those, but they were actually attached to a large metal apparatus at the back of the room.

  • Okay, so you could probably act and not just be terrible to I said, I want to wise not just one.

  • Yeah, that's that's very smart.

  • Yeah, well, it was a gem.

  • Just just watching that now.

  • I mean, I'm very pleased with that.

  • And sometimes things come out right?

  • You know, this came out like for Brian came out on just occasionally.

  • I thought my autobiography.

  • I was really pleased with that.

  • I didn't know what it was gonna be like, but it became a great pleasure to write because his Michael Caine, it told me you start discovering parts of your life.

  • You totally forgot.

  • E think I heard you describe that conversation with Michael came where I think he had told you.

  • He said, it's wonderful because you get to revisit and re remember all the wonderful things in your life.

  • That's right.

  • That's right.

  • And it's exactly what happens because when you suddenly remember that, that then sparks off that memory and then that one.

  • And it's like you could start coloring in the whole the whole period that that was happening and some of The stuff that happened during that period was terribly funny.

  • Chapter four is about the funniest thing I've ever written.

  • Do we have to get the book?

  • Are you going to share with us?

  • What's in there?

  • It's about when I was teaching into school.

  • Okay.

  • Okay.

  • Okay.

  • And so you have all this?

  • Very.

  • There's all this question.

  • Can the teachers keep ordering?

  • Why my wife?

  • Wow!

  • Stop my wife.

How do you know when when to be a writer and when to be a performer?

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WRITING & PERFORMING: How I Know When To Find The Difference & Why I Love Doing Both - John Cleese

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