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  • what's next in the next few years for you.

  • I know you love doing the workshops, but I know the zoom formats not ideal.

  • And you seem to be writing a lot more lately.

  • What are your plans?

  • You know, I I'm working on another kind of thriller I envision of sound really forced me to kind of throw off a kind of snarkiness, Ah, kind of detached sarcasm and irony that kind of typifies most of my work.

  • And so I think in a way, we are entering into an age where factual knowledge has almost no portend that people constantly questioned the source of facts and what the facts indicate.

  • And so, you know, you could make the most reasonable argument to your best friend, and your best friend would still say, What's your source?

  • Where do you see that?

  • And would instantly negate the best argument, the best set of fax by questioning the authenticity of the source, the authority of the source.

  • So I don't think that factual knowledge really carries very much authority anymore.

  • I think more and more we're going to see authority carried by emotional appeal, almost like a religious based narrative where you know, with religion is all about the emotional engagement is not really about any kind of fax.

  • It's all about sort of engaging with the narrative is an act of faith and the the emotional payoff of it.

  • So I'm working on trying to write a lot more fiction that has that kind of really strong emotional engagement as opposed to that kind of intellectualized clever, uh, distant irony that I've used a lot in the past.

  • So it's a new muscle for May, and you seem excited to explore that, you know, Oh, it breaks my heart that there were another writer of my generation, David Foster Wallace.

  • Uh, he was so brilliant.

  • And David was so clever.

  • But hey killed himself in 2008, and we never really got to see him kind of make the jump to Mawr Emotional mawr.

  • I don't know human work, and I just I wanna make sure that I make that jump.

  • And does that come with age to a certain extent?

  • Yeah.

  • E remember my grandfather being more or less a kind of an angry bastard until he reached a certain age.

  • And then he mellowed and he became a really nice guy.

  • And I think that I'm kind of reaching that age.

  • That really nice guy age when I don't have to be angry about everything.

  • I don't have to be afraid of everything on dykan risk being a human being and actually kind of, you know, uh, engaging with people as a human being.

  • Ah, lot of writers would be scared of that because they would think they would lose their mojo.

  • You know, And people like Hunter s Thompson, if you're gonna play the tough guy your whole life, Uh, that is really a small box.

  • I'd like to be able to live in a bigger box or at least in a different box.

  • A t least, you know, explore a different box.

  • My wife.

what's next in the next few years for you.

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