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  • okay.

  • And that was when you did the Burj in 2011.

  • And Dubai, we gotta talk about that at some point as well.

  • That was the biggest climb that you did, right?

  • Yeah, because the long, long one.

  • And it's, uh actually it was approved by Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum with the Prime Minister.

  • Okay, it came even to see me climbing.

  • You know, it was it was with his son, the crown prince.

  • There was also shaken ion with the education minister and they were like with binoculars looking at me climbing and quite awesome, you know, because if you know, Sheikh Mohammed is kind of a guy.

  • Not really uh, the smiley type of guy, right on the fact that this guy it came you know, seeing in climbing is kind of public.

  • Sing right, Because what what you do transcends culture, right?

  • It transcends language because people see a guy 3000 ft up in the air.

  • I mean, it brings something, you know, like, different from, you know, the usual, uh, society things.

  • Yeah.

  • What was different about climbing the Burj?

  • What did you have to prepare differently?

  • You're in the desert where more people watching.

  • It's super high.

  • The wind issues.

  • Yeah, well, a bit of everything.

  • First of all, it was called okay, especially, you know, because I finished it.

  • It was midnight.

  • And you are far, far above any other buildings that you can really see That you already in the desert.

  • You are no longer in the city.

  • You are.

  • There is a needle, and there is a desert all around you.

  • There is no city.

  • Is it peaceful up there?

  • Okay, it is.

  • Uh it is like I was I was tired, you know?

  • I was just thinking.

  • Okay, next step.

  • Next step next step.

  • And, uh, that that was kind off tiring.

  • Sent six hours.

  • Six hours?

  • Yes, e.

  • I was this girl, you know, from the Guinness where the brackets, She was kind of following me, you know, because there is do the technical stories, but until, like, halfway, truth is, just give up.

  • Okay, So she was following you at first, and then she first, let's say half of the building.

  • She was, like, you know, using the the innovator and then, uh, just like monitoring e.

  • I guess she hasn't understood that this building is gigantic on, then.

  • Obviously, I was climbing.

  • So if there is photos films, I am at the top.

  • So there is nothing to discuss about and what's going through your head when you're midnights, you know, a kilometer up in the sky, surrounded by nothingness.

  • You thinking like What am I doing?

  • Are you thinking this is amazing?

  • Are you thinking I just want to get a bit of everything?

  • It's like it's amazing.

  • You also striking.

  • You're tired.

  • You are like you feel like you wish to be inside like sipping a hot drink.

  • Maybe a champagne as well.

  • Wow, my wife.

  • Why don't you want Stop my wife?


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THE BURJ KHALIFA: What It Was Like Climbing The Burj Khalifa In Dubai - Alain Robert

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/30
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