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  • Now that you're looking back at this life after 80 some years, John, Um, what do you make of everything?

  • I know you're not a religious man.

  • I feel like you have are a spiritual man to a certain extent.

  • But what do you think is the meaning of life?

  • What do you think is the greater the greater point?

  • In a funny kind of way, I've always been interested, but I'd never bean strong minded enough to really study it.

  • In fact, last night I started reading a book on I thought This is really what I want to be doing once I've learned enough money to buy a little place in the sun which I can't afford at the moment because, you know, that was crippling that divorce.

  • $20 million.

  • It's a lot of money, particularly if you work for the BBC.

  • 30 million.

  • My favorite joke is I do a lot of work for charity.

  • Must be if the BBC Um but I was reading about last night.

  • What?

  • I'm I'm not religious, but I would say if somebody said, Do you believe in God?

  • I would say I don't know what that means.

  • I do know that there isn't someone up there watching every transaction and making sure it works, you know?

  • But I think there's other things going on.

  • For example, I've been interested for 10 years, at least in a group of people who used to meet It.

  • S Elin on the West Coast was very interesting.

  • Discussions were held on die Now, definitely believe that some people have it after life.

  • E.

  • I don't know if everybody does, but it's not a religious question.

  • People immediately start thinking you're talking about religion.

  • No, it's a scientific question.

  • What's the evidence for an afterlife?

  • And I'm coming to the conclusion that it Zo overwhelming.

  • Have you ever listened to the audio tapes of Terence McKenna?

  • He used to speak at Esalen back in the eighties and nineties.

  • He's now he's now passed, but he used to talk a lot about you know, what is it all about?

  • And he's Thio also talk about psychedelics a lot that would make him think more deeply about what it's all about.

  • But that came to mind when you mentioned s Elin Terence McKenna.

  • I don't know that name, but I used to have people going there like like Fritz pearls.

  • And okay, um, that marvelous man, I can't think of his name from number.

  • That's the trouble is I get over and notice it takes me a long time longer time to get the oldest.

  • Actually, it's a longer time to get a member, but I get there in the end.

  • You get there in the end zone, but I do.

  • I would love eventually toe have the chance to do, I don't know, 31 hour programs.

  • 6 30 minute programs, basically about ALS.

  • The Cy phenomena that were going on but with a particular focus on after death theory idea that our consciousness is not produced by the brain because that's the key to it.

  • And there were many things that have happened that cannot be explained.

  • If you think that consciousness is, uh is created by the brain, we must be thinking, Well, how else is it?

  • Well, it's maybe it's more interesting than that.

  • I've been looking at a lot of Don't read the literature.

  • That's the trouble.

  • Yeah, see where people don't read the literature and they dismiss it because scientists like to be right on.

  • They will say things like That's not possible when what they mean, as I said earlier, is we don't have ah theory to explain that.

  • What?

Now that you're looking back at this life after 80 some years, John, Um, what do you make of everything?

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MEANING OF LIFE ?: Why I Am Very Interested In Exploring This Topic In More Detail - John Cleese

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