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  • Now we're in this second lock down two point.

  • Oh, and it's the hospitality sector of the catering sector, which I know you have businesses here in London that's getting hit pretty bad, you know, even though it's responsible for only 3.3% of the transmissions, according to Public Health England data, what do you think we should do to the hospitality catering sector?

  • In times like this, what can we do?

  • You can't we can doing nothing if they're brought in a rule in the law.

  • All they could do is to up their take away business.

  • Uh, in restaurants can just try to up their take away business people like Deliveroo and all that stuff.

  • They must be laughing up their sleeves because you know, that's what they're doing all the time.

  • Uber eats and all that type of stuff.

  • And if you're a restaurant, so that's all you can do, you can't do anything else.

  • Otherwise you're breaking the law.

  • It's a simple as that.

  • I mean, it's a shame for them that they came over the covert situation.

  • They then reopened.

  • I started their business again on then bag.

  • They've been hit again.

  • They've got to close them down.

  • It's sad.

  • It's so sad for them.

  • Yeah, what do you think of the You know, we've seen kind of Whitehall in the civil servants all kind of disappear.

  • Do you think that they need to kind of leading an example of getting people back to work, if they can?

  • Safely the same with people in the city?

  • What do you think about that?

  • Well, look, a Zeiss just now said you can't go back to work now because the amount off infections that are happening daily are horrific, right?

  • They're not good.

  • They've got to get that under control.

  • The only way you get it under control it's been proved in Australia has been proved in China.

  • It's been proved in South Korea.

  • You just have to isolate people self isolate to get that down.

  • When they get down to manageable numbers, you've got to analyze How do you avoid a spike three again, you know, So it's academic what we're talking about now.

  • There's nothing we can do about it.

  • Action has to be taken in order to try Teoh, get a grip of what's going on a two moment and unfortunately ah lot of pain.

  • A lot of discomfort.

  • Ah, lot of aggravation.

  • A lot of frustrating in eyes Gonna have to be enjoyed by the public.

  • What do you think?

  • Been self, which has been self inflicted, by the way.

  • Because most of it it's self inflicted because no one took it seriously.

  • They did not take it seriously on.

  • We've seen pictures off people, you know, particularly the younger generation completely blatantly ignoring the social distancing rules and allow that stuff.

  • And they're the ones that are passing it around.

  • Why wait?

  • My wife wild stop my wife.

Now we're in this second lock down two point.

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