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  • great news.

  • Great news, Great news.

  • Next week, on December 2nd, the lock down in Britain is over.

  • The draconian measures.

  • Shutting you inside your home, keeping you away from work, keeping you from socializing your friends is all over.

  • And you can now resume back to your normal life.

  • Well, maybe not because 99.9% of the population is now going to be locked into either Tier three or Tier two lockdowns.

  • Now what does that mean?

  • Well, if you're in tier three, which is most of the Midlands, that means that shops are closed, pubs were closed, hotels are closed, restaurants are closed, theaters were closed and cinemas air closed.

  • So welcome out of lock down into lock down.

  • Now, if you're in tears to which is what we're in London, that means that you can go to some of those places.

  • But you can't mix with anyone outside of your own households, so that means you're still locked down.

  • And that's what's happening here.

  • Lock down has been rebranded.

  • That's what's happening.

  • And we put played another psychological trick and we're trying to celebrate the fact that we're coming out of something when in fact, these measures are absolutely draconian, and they're still ridiculous.

  • Unfortunately, we've been conditioned since back in March.

  • To get used to these locked down is if you remember almost nine months ago, this was supposed to be for two weeks.

  • Only Thio ease pressure on our health services.

  • That's all just two weeks on.

  • Then it was a two more weeks on.

  • Then two more weeks and then two more weeks.

  • And now we're being told to celebrate when we come slightly out of lock down and were given five days now for Christmas, where we can mix with other households on then.

  • Today, Boris Johnson said to expect stronger lock down measures in January.

  • He even went so far to say, uh that the tears aren't set in stone so your tier could change, Andi said on December 16th will bay that, he said, You can escape your tears if you stick to good behavior.

  • Look at some of this language.

  • You can escape your tears for good behavior.

  • Feels like we're prisoners, doesn't it?

  • It feels like we've been locked up in solitary confinement and now, on December 2nd were given 60 minutes of yard time and we're celebrating as if it was Christmas.

  • And so that's just what I wanna.

  • I wanna make notice here.

  • Lock down has been rebranded back to us and we're cheering and celebrating and smiling and thanking our government, when in fact way are being oppressed like prisoners.

  • And we are buying into it.

  • And each one of you is complicity in this Because as whenever we nod our heads to our government, then we're saying Yes, it's okay.

  • And so we're gonna go through more locked down measures.

  • The hospitality has sector has said this will be a mortal blow to them, a mortal blow to the hospitality sector.

  • There is no way we're gonna come anywhere near the £82 billion that Christmas season usually gives our small businesses and our sector and as a whole.

  • And we're gonna see deeper scars in our economy, which is what we're being told by our chancellor.

  • But more important than that, it's our basic human rights and freedoms that have been taken away from us little by little by little.

  • And now we accepted.

  • And again we thank them for the five days we're getting a Christmas and we accept the fact that those five days we're going to come with 25 more days off worst measures in January and February.

  • And so I just wanted to give this a reality check.

  • And I want to challenge you to this concept that lock down has been rebranded and been sold back to us as a great use of our own freedoms.

  • So tell me if you agree or not, leave your comments below for this video to someone if you think it's relevant, and I just want us to have a gut check as far as coming back to reality, this is November 2020.

  • This could easily be November 2021.

  • In November 2022.

  • They could sell new reasons to wait just a little bit longer.

  • We just need a little bit longer and we need a little bit longer.

  • Meanwhile, all of our futures are being decimated and mostly are young.

  • People are younger generation, for good reason are completely confused.

  • Why am I going to school?

  • Will I ever have a job?

  • Will I ever be able to travel well, University, be more than a zoom call and you can't give them answers right now because our leadership is showing no direction.

  • This has been a disproportionate response to the virus and a complete lack of science based decision making in the truth is there are solutions waiting for us.

  • There are smart, intelligent scientists and doctors around the world that have proposed alternate ways like this concept of focused protection.

  • But our leaders don't listen to it.

  • And so it's more lockdowns and mawr lockdowns and this will continue.

  • Mark my words until we find a new direction.

  • And that's why I've been presenting recently ways that we could get out of this ways, that we could welcome these sectors back and ways that we can realistically look at the cost benefit analysis right now.

  • Yes, we are living losing lives right now, but we will lose Mawr lives later.

  • If we continue with these lockdowns, we've got toe.

great news.

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