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  • you have one of the best poker face is in the game.

  • Hoist is Is that come from your father or from your whole family for my father?

  • Okay, It's like it's like, uh huh.

  • My father was against celebrating a win.

  • He's like, Why?

  • It's your job.

  • So, Lord, Times when I won, I'm like, Okay, raise my hand, Thank you very much.

  • People like way.

  • There's no emotion is not sad.

  • It's not happy he's not.

  • It should be celebrating.

  • Celebrating what?

  • It's my job to win.

  • When I lost those a couple times that I lost, that's when I went back the locker room and thought what happened with the train that derailed because I knew what he was gonna do it.

  • I don't want what happened with.

  • Got to figure out we did what happened with the training at the real.

  • But but the winds?

  • Yes, some of the brothers and cousins celebrating pick me up, but most of the time was like my father's like do not celebrate called Celebrating.

  • You are putting down your opponent.

  • You already beat your point, and you're gonna do a dance on top of that on top of him why There is no necessity for that.

  • Uh huh.

  • You know, I've heard the same thing hoist from some great champions that I've sat in the studio with, uh, Mr Olympia.

  • Dorian Yates.

  • He was six time Mr Olympia, right, bodybuilder.

  • And I said, What did you do the night you one?

  • He said, Well, first of all, he said the next day started training, which I know you do too.

  • But he said I was supposed to win.

  • That's what he said I was supposed to win.

  • He tried to win.

  • Yeah.

  • I didn't train to lose, so my father was stood against that celebration.

  • Okay, you go in the back.

  • You and your team.

  • Yes, but there's no reason Toe tant your appointment more.

  • Put him down more.

  • He's already feeling bad that he trained toe win too.

  • And he lost.

  • Nobody changed to lose so but he lost.

  • And you're gonna taught him make fun of it and Well, why?

  • Why what?

you have one of the best poker face is in the game.

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TRAINING TO LOSE? ?: Why My Father Was Not Happy With Us Celebrating A Victory - Royce Gracie

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/29
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