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  • we've seen knife crime becomes something pretty serious in the city.

  • Um, it's probably something that you saw med didn't see is it is a child, I'm guessing in London, but then it got bigger.

  • What are your thoughts on knife crime?

  • Do you think we can make it better or is it getting better or how we can solve it?

  • I think it's associated with drugs, drug dealers, gangs, pockets of gangs that are fighting with each other over money that is owed or whatever.

  • I think that z really it to carry a knife might be a status symbol for some people.

  • Uh, whereas a fight in the past would be a, you know, a few punches thrown and ah, brawl on the floor.

  • Nowadays it's a knife comes out and someone steps somebody, which is quite incredible, really, when you think about actually stabbing another person in their anatomy is amazing.

  • But I think it's a lot to do with drugs on a simple as that on the police.

  • I sympathize with them.

  • There's not enough police on the road when I look at the other place that I live in for about six months of the year in Florida.

  • The place is infested with forms of police.

  • Right, You've got the Marshall.

  • You've got the sheriff.

  • You've got the local Boca Raton Police.

  • You've got the Delray Beach Police.

  • You've got the Deerfield Beach Police.

  • All you ever see is thousands of police cars around on, uh, you know, And within seconds, if something happens there, there, like a shop on, Do you know I have to take my hat off to them?

  • The police are there in force.

  • We in England, they're not.

  • They're enforced.

  • But there's not enough of them.

  • It's a simple as that.

  • And then, of course, you've got the other thing.

  • The other thing is, is that you can't speak to anybody anymore.

  • You can't say Wait, what are you doing?

  • Because that now is a breach of stare.

  • Human rights.

  • You can't say something unless they coming at you with the 6 ft long knife or a gun.

  • There's not.

  • We can't take evasive action against people.

  • It's a simple as that because otherwise you the policemen will end up in court.

  • It's a simple as that.

  • And you know, the world has gone a bit mad as far as that's concerned.

  • But I do believe that we need reform on the police.

  • We need a load.

  • More police on the road.

  • We really, really dio and I would deploy.

  • I don't know why we spend so much money on military on all that stuff.

  • I would take half the soldiers, right?

  • In the same time you're fired.

  • But good news is I'm going to train you to become policemen, right?

  • So you're not fired?

  • You're actually being re employed because I don't know what we need the army for Anyway, we're not gonna go to war with anybody on dwarves.

  • Different this day and age.

  • Really?

  • Take away the army.

  • Take all them soldiers.

  • Cut him in half on.

  • Send them over to be trained as police operatives on redeploy them as far as I'm concerned.

  • Really?

  • Like my wife?

we've seen knife crime becomes something pretty serious in the city.

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KNIFE CRIME & POLICE: Why There Is Not Enough Police & The Rise In Knife Crime - Lord Alan Sugar

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/29
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