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  • tell me about the, uh, just the details around the fight.

  • You know, they're calling an exhibition.

  • I want to get your thoughts on that.

  • I don't know how many rounds it started off at, but as what I understand Now it's eight rounds and it zits two minute rounds.

  • Tell me about all of the talk, the hype and now the details of this.

  • How does it change things?

  • We'll start out.

  • Probably three round exhibition, three minute rounds.

  • Then there were two of six rounds and went to eight rounds, and I dropped two minutes.

  • Then it went from 14 gloves and headgear to 12 ounce gloves and no headgear.

  • Kind of exhibitions that you fight Mike Tyson with 12 hours club, which is only two hours bigger than the normal fight gloves.

  • No head get and Mike Tyson and you call it exhibition, and then you give him two minute rounds so he doesn't get the opportunity to gas out as quick.

  • So you make him more dangerous for a longer period of time for a long amount of rounds.

  • But you couldn't around down in two minutes.

  • Okay, so you're trying to make sure everything you can fix to fit Mike Tyson to make sure he's okay.

  • You're gonna make it like that, which is cool.

  • May I mean just over.

  • And that will be five over in a sacrificial lamb.

  • Watch the sacrificial lamb Goto work those two minute rounds.

  • Where is the leeway there, Roy?

  • I mean, you know, 82 minute rounds and I'll tell you right now, but there's a lot of the winner.

  • Trust me, it's a lot Lee winner.

  • I've been walking around.

  • It's a lot of the winner, so I'm good with that now.

  • First, I had a problem with it.

  • Now I'm good.

  • Why is that?

  • Because you you settle with it or you got to see the cracks inside that set up.

  • I got to see the cracks.

  • I got to start.

  • I start.

  • I started out working on a different strategy, but now I see the cracks in two minutes.

  • Strategy.

  • I see what what?

  • The real deal is there so I can work with that.

  • Is there anything you can share with us?

  • That's the crucial element that no one's saying.

  • No, but you know what?

  • It is a crucial element, one saying I am steel Rod Jones you almost have.

  • Forget.

  • I'm guessing that when when the when the fifth round of the buildings and you both are coming out, it doesn't matter at that point.

  • At that point, it's on, and it doesn't matter if it was forming around.

  • Even Steven at that.

  • Around five is even Steven.

  • Hi Damn, that's Dad's when they asked me to bring out the spices because it's time to cook.

  • All right, so that's it, Then around five, when you're there, then it's time to cook.

  • You gonna bring out the spice because it's time to cook, all right.

  • And until then, I'm telling you, I gotta play smart.

  • They'll survive.

  • Do my thing.

  • Makes you don't get caught with them crazy.

  • Just be Roy Jones of old.

  • But by around five comes hot stuff, baby.

  • You know, I was watching small docks with Mike Tyson, and he said he used to suffer from asthma and I don't know if he still got that, but obviously we know most of his career.

  • It was over really quick when it went in the later rounds and didn't usually go for him.

  • Um, are you expecting that to be a case is?

  • Well, no, not really expecting it to be case because I pay in California, period, where I trained it.

  • I was going up this mountain when I first thought, and I think I might have had when I was like, uh, oxygenated freeze.

  • It used to be eso both of my being sharing some asthma asthmatic symptoms.

  • But now we're gonna be eyes like the longer goals, the better it is for me because of my speed and my head movement, my reflexes.

  • So I was a guy who was a speed, reflexes and guy, and the longer fight goes better.

  • It is for me.

  • Okay, Now, the odds in Vegas started off with you the favorite.

  • Now they got Tyson the favorite.

  • What do you make of that?

  • I hope they keep him in a favorite.

  • Okay, You'd rather go in that way because it's e like a little chip on my shoulder.

  • Like when they tell me I can't do it.

  • That's what I love I live for.

  • Okay?

  • Think I ain't watch me?

  • My my my wife.

  • Wild stop.

tell me about the, uh, just the details around the fight.

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FIGHT NIGHT TACTICS: When It Comes To Round 5 Its Time To Cook & Add The Hot Sauce - Roy Jones Jr

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