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  • So today, The New York Times reported that Britain will suffer its worst recession in three centuries.

  • That's 300 years that Britain was in business until 2020 when it will witness a drop in gross domestic product of 11.3% 11.3%.

  • These air numbers that would boggle my mind in my old days of working as a trader on Wall Street or in finance in the city of London.

  • We were used to GDP gross of two or three or maybe 4% never a double digit decline.

  • This is the steepest of any developed country happening right here in Britain, and our chancellor, Richie Soon act today said this.

  • And I quote, he said, Our health emergency is not yet over, but our economic emergency has just begun.

  • Do you see what he's saying there?

  • And do you see the terms?

  • Because the language is super important here are Chancellor is separating the two.

  • He's separating the health emergency from the economic emergency, and he's saying both of them are dire and I agree with that.

  • But this is the entire problem with the way Britain has handled this pandemic.

  • They have looked at our health emergency different than the economic emergency.

  • And recently I had Luke Johnson on my show, who is one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector in Britain.

  • And he said one very poignant thing to me.

  • He said, Brian, we are the economy, the economy is us.

  • And his point was this.

  • It's not about choosing.

  • Can we have health, or can we have the economy?

  • Here's the news.

  • Not only can you have both, but you need both because the people are the economy and the economy is the people.

  • And that's the biggest mistake that the mayor of London has made with his policies.

  • That's the biggest mistake that our prime minister has made because they've tried to divorce the two and by doing so have cost us dearly.

  • Recent cost benefit analysis of the lock down in Britain as estimated its 10 toe one as in 10 times the cost, we're gonna pay for what seemed to be the quote unquote benefits of lock down, whether that's lives saved or economic tragedy.

  • Uh, not not have manifested.

  • That's what that says.

  • 10 toe one.

  • That's what we're gonna pay in the lives and the economic damage, and we're seeing it clearly right now.

  • 11.3% drop in GDP again unheard of numbers.

  • This is going to scar our economy for years and years and years to come.

  • And guess what?

  • It didn't have to happen.

  • We could have used a strategy of what's being called focus protection, something that I spoke to Harvard Medical Doctor Dr Martin Cold or recently on the show.

  • It's about protecting those vulnerable, those over 60 those that already have ailments like diabetes and heart disease and allowing everybody else to get back to work and get back to their lives and get back to their schools.

  • We could have done this right now, and yet we chose to have this lock down everything strategy and we're still in it now.

  • And we're still threatening this Tier three locked down.

  • That's gonna be very similar to shutting everything down.

  • We are literally eating ourselves from the inside.

  • We're killing ourselves with these lock down policies that are not based in science.

  • That is a disproportionate response to the virus, and that's because we're lacking leadership.

  • None of our leaders will step up and make the hard calls and say, Guess what?

  • I see those deaths every day.

  • But guess what?

  • It's that or it's 10 x those deaths over the next three or four years.

  • I see what's happening every day.

  • But it's a scarred economy which will lead to more problems.

  • Down the road are lost.

  • Younger generation are mental health problems.

  • There is now a report that came out recently said.

  • That said one in five crimes in England and Wales in the past six months is domestic violence one in five crimes, all spiking during this protective lock down.

  • Who is it?

  • Protecting is what I ask.

  • And so when Britain makes front page headlines in The New York Times, you know it's dire, and it's a sad state that one of the G seven economies is being ripped apart from its own people by poor decisions by your politicians.

  • And it's hard to be a part of it.

  • It's hard to watch it, especially in a city that I love so much that's in my opinion, one of the greatest cities of the world, or could be if we just start treating our policies correct.

  • We've got to get rid of these career politicians.

  • We've got to come in with new ideas.

  • We've gotta follow the science on.

  • We've got to make some hard decisions.

  • One of my mentors always says he says, Brian, there's never an easy time to make a hard decision.

  • Yes, we will lose lives with certain decisions, but we will save more lives by making those same decisions.

  • And again, I'm here to say it's time to make those hard decisions.

  • That's why I'm trying to put out all these ideas and put out all these policies.

  • So please leave your comments below.

  • Tell me what you think.

  • Am I wrong?

  • Great.

  • Please disagree with me.

  • That's okay.

  • I want the best idea to win.

  • I don't care if you come from the Labor Party or the Conservative Party or the Democrats, the Republicans.

  • I don't care if you're richer, if you're poor or if you're black or if you're white.

  • I want the best ideas for the best possible things for this city way all can prosper, and by strengthening the economy, it is the one surefire silver bullet to strengthen everything about this city, from our health to our mental health, to our tax revenues to everything about it on.

  • We could flip the switch right now if we just had better policies in place.

  • Leave your comments below.

  • I am optimistic about our future.

  • Let's make London a world class city once again.

So today, The New York Times reported that Britain will suffer its worst recession in three centuries.

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