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  • Hi, I'm Manuel and I am going to take you through a job interview

  • for a graphic/web designer and Illustrator.

  • I'll ask you some common interview questions

  • and I'll get you pause after each one and think about how you'd like to answer them.

  • Say your answers out loud and practice what it will be like in a real interview.

  • You can even record yourself on your phone or webcam

  • and watch yourself back and see where you can improve.

  • I'll finish up by giving you some tips

  • as to what I would expect to hear in a successful interview.

  • Let's get started.

  • Tell me about yourself?

  • Why did you choose visual design as a profession?

  • Tell me about a project you are proud to have worked on.

  • What did you achieve?

  • Do you have a particular visual style?

  • What do you think makes a good designer?

  • What skillset do you think this position should have?

  • Do you work better alone or in a group?

  • How do you respond to feedback

  • and how do you incorporate that into the design process?

  • What software would you use for different design projects?

  • Do you have any questions for me?

  • What would make an interviewee stand out for good reasons

  • is someone that's confident about their design direction

  • and their confidence in the way they answer their questions.

  • What would make an interviewee stand out for bad reasons

  • is someone that doesn't know much about the design process

  • not talking with a great deal of confidence and presenting well.

  • If I was asking an interviewee a question I would expect them to answer it

  • in a relevant context to the design process

  • in a way that a client would understand.

  • What kind of questions I'd expect to hear from an interviewee

  • would be conditions of work, pay

  • and general questions that would indicate that they are interested in the role.

  • Tips that I would have for a good interview is

  • showing resourcefulness, answering questions beyond what is asked.

  • In this industry we often get vague briefs

  • and quite often the questions that we ask are quite vague intentionally.

  • It'd be good to see an interviewee answer the questions in not such a simplistic way

  • and delve deeper into the questions asked by the person interviewing.

  • If I was asking the interviewee a question

  • I'd like them to answer the question in a more structured way

  • that shows they have a deeper understanding of industry processes.

Hi, I'm Manuel and I am going to take you through a job interview

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Interview Practice | Graphic and Web Designers and Illustrators

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/29
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