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  • -Welcome back to "The Tonight Show."

  • I'm here with Bad Bunny. Now we're gonna liven up

  • some of the most boring things imaginable by turning them into

  • unforgettable songs in a game called "Auto-Tune Up."

  • -♪ Auto-Tune Up, yeah

  • -Here's how it works. We'll each be given a random

  • boring paragraph, and the words will appear on the screen.

  • Our job is to turn it into an awesome song

  • with the help of Auto-Tune.

  • You ready for this? -I'm ready, I'm ready.

  • -All right, Bad Bunny, here we go.

  • I'm up first. Let's see what I am Auto-Tuning.

  • [ Beeping ]

  • Okay. I'm gonna Auto-Tune Amazon's return policy.

  • It's the holiday season. People want to return

  • some gifts they got, so I'm gonna Auto-Tune.

  • Here we go. Give me a groove.

  • ♪♪

  • All right. That's it.

  • -Okay. I'm ready.

  • -All right, here you go. Let's see what --

  • Let's see what you're gonna get, bud.

  • [ Beeping ]

  • Mm-hmm. "Tetris."

  • "How to chop a jalapeño."

  • -"How to chop a jalapeño."

  • -Okay. [ Laughing ]

  • All right, here we go. Let's give him some music.

  • Whenever you're ready.

  • ♪♪

  • That was fantastic.

  • Dude, "cubes" is the best. That's the best line.

  • ♪ C-u-u-u-ubes

  • All right, let's see what I'm singing.

  • [ Beeping ]

  • "'Fortnite' terms and conditions."

  • All right. These are the terms and conditions that no one reads

  • and they just agree to. All right, here we go.

  • "Fortnite." -That's serious.

  • ♪♪

  • -Ay. -Here we go.

  • Mm-mmmm, mm-mmm

  • Mm-mm

  • Mm, mm-mm-mm

  • -Whoo! -Wow.

  • -Wow. -Wow is all I can say.

  • That was the -- Wow.

  • [ Laughs ] All right.

  • This last song is up to you, buddy.

  • Let's see what you got. [ Beeping ]

  • -It's my turn.

  • -[ Laughs ] This is how to draw a hand turkey.

  • Well, it's Thanksgiving, so this is perfect.

  • How to draw a hand turkey.

  • Let's hear the -- Let's hear the groove.

  • ♪♪

  • -That was amazing! Give it up for Bad Bunny!

  • Check out his new album. It is out tonight!

  • Right now! "El Ultimo Tour del Mundo"!

-Welcome back to "The Tonight Show."

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Auto-Tune Up with Bad Bunny

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/29
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