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  • just curious what your lessons are.

  • Two people in the year 2020 you know, based on what you learned throughout the eighties and the nineties, I mean, a lot of young entrepreneurs have seen this environment and they completely get scared.

  • They go into fear they don't know how to innovate.

  • In these times, how do you advise the younger generation to continue building businesses in strange times, different generation?

  • In this this era?

  • I say this very respectfully, but they're very focussed on getting themselves comfortable in a nisi job on a lot of leisure time in the evenings and on the weekends.

  • That might not be a bad thing, but it might not be a bad thing on, you know, that's the way it is.

  • But the hunger, I don't know the hunger's there anymore.

  • I think that life has become too easy.

  • I mentioned Google just now, So if you are a young, bright person that is able to do computer coding on, you can go and get yourself a job in Google on basically numbers looking over your shoulder.

  • You know when you turn up or not with you lay on a beanbag.

  • All night or whatever.

  • Just come and go.

  • Come and go, right, A bit of code Now again on.

  • You've got a great job because of your education because of the way that you've become a technical expert.

  • Where's all the industry on where the engineering gone?

  • Where's all these salesman ships gone to?

  • Stand in a shop and try and sell somebody a suit or selling monsieur?

  • Well, it's kind of gone there you got?

  • You got Amazon murdering everybody.

  • No retailer can survive with Amazon now on DSO.

  • It's a different era.

  • Now where would I?

  • My advice to any young person at the moment?

  • The industry, I mean, could they start up making computers in the back of their carriage?

  • I doubt it.

  • Things have got that very technical these days if their technical and they're good at software and all that type of stuff, yes, there's a market somewhere.

  • Online selling is coming up big at the moment, getting up the pecking order on Google, using Facebook, tinder Facebook, ticktock, instagram.

  • All that stuff is a way of selling things, but still quite expensive.

  • Um, I still maintain that what you do is you go into business a business or you start a business on your own.

  • If you have some experience in it, not because you fancy doing it.

  • You have to have built some experience in what you want to dio Wow, my wife while stop my wife.

just curious what your lessons are.

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BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS: What Advice I Would Give To People Starting Their Business - Lord Alan Sugar

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