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  • I remember this image, Chuck, where I think you were in a hotel bathtub the night before.

  • You're gonna go on set and meet Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, and you decided to shave your head for some reason.

  • And I remember this story.

  • If you're talking about shaving your head and you might have made some cuts and then you show up on set and you're talking to these guys and I remember these guys, they think maybe you're Tyler Durden, but you're not.

  • And it was just a weird experience to be the writer on the set of this Hollywood movie.

  • I'm just curious.

  • What do you remember about that whole experience that wasn't actually during production?

  • That was the very first time I had ever gone down to pre production meetings.

  • And everyone in Los Angeles just seems so groomed and so attractive compared to people in Portland, Oregon, and I kind of realized that there was no way I could compete on that level.

  • So I just thought I would just rather than try to have a great haircut, I would just shave my head.

  • And I used a kind of caustic, uh, lie solution called Magic, which is marketed Thio Black men for shaving with you Put it on.

  • It's like near it burns the hair off and you scrape it off with a spatula.

  • And I did not realize you needed to use a spatula, so I put it on my head.

  • It burned my skin, and then I used a razor, and I ended up scraping off two or three layers of skin.

  • So I ended up with this head that was just this big, bleeding, boozing, bald head and everything it touched stuck to it.

  • So all throughout all these meetings, anytime something touched my balding, bleeding head, it would stick to it like bits of lint.

  • And there was a strange kind of power in that in these settings where everyone was so beautifully presented, they would look at me and there was this sense that I had to be someone because anyone who was that unattractive and so badly presented had to have some kind of power that would allow them to be in this situation.

  • So there was a kind of authority that came from being the ugly thing.

  • Uh, and I loved that.

  • That was just a nice thing to realize mhm is that similar to the the Edward Norton character in the movie, with the bruises at work where no one asks him or he has them?

  • I guess it's a slightly different dynamic than that is very similar.

  • And then away.

  • I'm kind of playing with what I called tableau horror.

  • Uh, in most horror, you don't see the horrific act take place in the movie.

  • Seven.

  • You always You're coming across crime scenes after the fact in the book The Alienist, You're coming across murdered child prostitutes who have been ritually arranged after the fact because nobody wants to see those horrible acts take place that would shut down.

  • That would exclude the audience and then, uh, in the new book, The Invention of Sound.

  • I wanted to do this kind of tableau horror, but I wanted to scream to be the only existing tableau, the only evidence of the violence that took place.

  • So the screen would become kind of an audio tableau that the reader could be with because the reader couldn't tolerate the actual violence.

  • And in Fight Club, the kind of black eyes and bruised faces sort of reinvents tableau horror on Princess presents it to the world to see whether or not people will even acknowledge it if it's in their midst.

  • Because typically, when I had bruises like that, no one in my workplace would ever mention them.

  • And they became culturally invisible because nobody wanted to know the act of violence that had taken place actually had one of those experiences.

  • So when I moved to London, I started training and mixed martial arts in Jiu Jitsu, and I was working in basically a bank.

  • I was a banker, and a couple of times I showed up with some really busted up eyes, and I noticed that no one said anything and I just had the flash back to your book and the movie because it was so weird.

  • I literally have a butterfly bandage here and I'm in a suit.

  • I'm the only one like that, and no one said anything.

  • It is wonderful is just you realize just how they don't want to know.

  • They don't want to know what your private life.

  • It's like wild my wife Wild.

  • My wife.

  • Uh huh.

I remember this image, Chuck, where I think you were in a hotel bathtub the night before.

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PRIVATE LIFE ?: Why People Don't Want To Know Anything About Your Private Life - Chuck Palahniuk

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