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  • the problem, and I'm seeing it amongst the people, my family.

  • Actually, my kids I know that they are winning big because they want to get a job that they cannot be fired.

  • So they are sacrificing their whole life to keep that job because they know that they will get some income.

  • They cannot get fired if they want, they can make a loan.

  • The bank is going to accept it.

  • But the job itself is fucking boring, right?

  • So we're to say they are meaning they are willing to waste most of their life doing something that they don't like out off making money.

  • So the world is so risk averse, thes days, right?

  • We do everything in our lives to avoid risk, which you means at the end of the day means we have these potentially boring and unfulfilling lives that doesn't make us even feel good.

  • Because we all love risk.

  • We are watching TV is we are watching Bruce Willis.

  • We are watching Tom Cruise, and we love it.

  • So we everybody loves it.

  • Actually, most people they don't have the guts.

  • That's it.

  • Yeah, but everybody loves it.

  • You know, they have these playgrounds for kids now in England, where everything is soft so nobody can get injured on the play.

  • Eyes this bad.

  • Well, let's say I guess for the parents is good for the kids.

  • Yes, because it is not reflecting the reality when you are falling on the ground.

  • It's fucking painful.

  • When you are falling in that kind off playfield, you don't see anything, so it's kind of tricky as well.

  • I know that school and everything.

  • They don't want to feel responsible for any injuries they may be.

  • They may get sued by lawyers, this and that.

  • So, you know, most of the people they are trying to avoid the problems.

  • Yeah, but is it the right way?

  • Question?

  • Mark, wait.

  • My wife.

  • Wow.

  • My wife.

  • Uh huh.

the problem, and I'm seeing it amongst the people, my family.

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WASTING YOUR LIFE: Why You Shouldn't Waste Your Life Doing Something You Hate - Alain Robert

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