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  • Do you remember the moment when you actually got the first call that proposed this thing?

  • And you remember, like, literally those microseconds that went through your brain when it finally was like, Whoa, what are you talking about?

  • Could this really happen?

  • Can you Can you walk me through the emotions of the logic going on?

  • When I got the call, I was like, Man, they're talking about six weeks from now, September 12th.

  • And from what I've seen from Mike Tyson, there's no way he could beat me in six weeks.

  • I've been active.

  • He has.

  • So they're gonna give me a fight with Mike Tyson.

  • But September 12th, six weeks, Yes, yes, I'll take that.

  • Of course, people inside from the pandemic, they don't know what to do.

  • They have.

  • No, they haven't entertainment.

  • Right now, everybody's looking for something to do.

  • Two of the biggest names.

  • Evans put a boxing get together and can fight.

  • I mean, whatever they call the exhibition called What You Want.

  • But this Mike Tyson So you know no such things exhibition when you double him.

  • So I'm like, wow, and six weeks He can't possibly beat me in six weeks.

  • so, yes, I'll take it then all of a sudden, they said, Now we're gonna push it back to November 28.

  • E take a little breath on that one, because e have my plan.

  • Just went out the window.

  • E you gotta go look at it from a different steps to the eyes.

  • So that's how I've been doing.

  • Roy, let me ask you a question.

  • How do you deal with the universe when it throws you those type of challenges?

  • Do you look at it as as, uh Is God just throwing you this challenge?

  • And he knows you can handle it.

  • Is this part?

  • If you really want to do something great, is it always gonna have extra challenges on top of it To be great, you have to do exceptional things, so it doesn't have an extra challenge on top of it.

  • It won't make you great.

  • So to be great, you have to do great things.

  • Great things come a great challenge.

  • Great risk, great rewards.

  • So everything is a risk.

  • But it's a great reward.

  • And the greater the risk that better than the greater the reward.

  • So with me, I already knew that no.

  • Coming with great risk will be great reward.

  • Now, that risk could be life in it.

  • But the reward could be Hm everlasting.

  • So who knows?

  • So your first thinking.

  • Okay.

  • Wow.

  • Now you got an extra two months plus to train.

  • And then now some other things start changing your thinking.

  • Okay?

  • This is a whole different ballgame than what I signed up for, but at the same time, you could look back and say Now I got the in shape, Mike.

  • So when I'm, you know, 20 years from now, when we're talking about this, this is a different conversation.

  • Is that the kind of thing you're thinking?

  • Yes.

  • I could beat the best Might that might.

  • Could have got that gave him time to go.

  • Get ready for me to give him time to go.

  • Get ready for me.

  • So now I beat him.

  • I beat him.

  • When he got to be, he got the opportunity to be at his best.

  • He can say, Well, I wasn't at my best.

  • That happened six weeks because that's what I was looking at It first.

  • Why?

  • Why would I not do that?

  • I know I can get better get ready in six weeks.

  • He can't.

  • I know I can.

  • Don't know.

  • Why would I not take that?

  • But now you get him to two months.

  • Three months?

  • It's a little bit different.

  • But guess what?

  • He gets the chance to be his best.

  • And we'll see what?

  • Wow.

  • Like my wife while stop my wife.

Do you remember the moment when you actually got the first call that proposed this thing?

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GETTING THE CALL ?: What Went Through My Head When I Got Told About The Tyson Fight - Roy Jones Jr

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