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  • so it's official.

  • Britain has now announced terms of locked down 3.0, and starting December 2nd, we will see a new, harsher three tiered system throughout the country, where millions of Brits will be prevented from mixing in households.

  • And except for a short reprieve of what we're being told five days over Christmas, millions of people will not be able to mix with families until Easter.

  • And, ah, whole group of, uh, people from the Conservative Party actually called the Cove It Recovery Group have asked the prime minister.

  • A simple question, they said.

  • Prove that these measures save Mawr lives than it costs.

  • Let me repeat that.

  • They've demanded that our prime minister show them that these new, stricter measures saved more lives than they cost.

  • And this is a great question, one that we've been asking here at London real for a couple of months, and that is show us the proof.

  • The economic proof, the actual lives lost that they shut down actually prevents mawr than keeping things open.

  • And the truth is everything I can see from speaking with Professor David Miles of Imperial College, former Bank of England, who says the economic damage and the health damage is worse when you locked down from speaking with Dr Martin Cole Dorff of Harvard Medical School, who penned the Great Barrington Declaration, who's got this concept of focus protection?

  • He also says that we're not taking into effect the long term damage of these lockdowns.

  • He said, Brian, there's cancer patients that they're gonna dies years from now that never got the treatment they needed.

  • There's £2 billion being lost every single day in the British economy because of our current locked down.

  • And just because we can't see the short term co vid related deaths, what it, which in itself is a questionable figure, then we're deciding to shut down.

  • Anyways.

  • We don't see the long term damage.

  • And again members of our prime minister's own party in Parliament are asking him these very, very hard questions.

  • And this all comes down to something that I've been talking about for weeks, and that's this argument of control versus elimination, control versus elimination.

  • The government is selling you this concept of covert elimination, and it's just not viable and it's just not true.

  • And by doing so, they are locking down families over the holidays.

  • They're locking down our economy.

  • They're shutting down what could be a potential £82 billion Christmas for our small businesses that need this so desperately.

  • And yet they're closing it down with a new, harsher, three tier system.

  • Uh, and I'm very concerned because this is going to cost more lives than it saves.

  • That's the real answer for the co vid recovery group.

  • This is gonna cost a lot more money.

  • Then it saves.

  • But we need toe wake up and come back from this from a focus protection point of view.

  • Again, we could learn a lot from the professors at Stanford and Oxford at Harvard that came up with the Great Barrington Declaration.

  • Again, it's about focus protection.

  • Let's take extra good care off our elderly and those in care homes.

  • Let's over test them and the people that take care of him.

  • But anyone under 60 without a medical condition needs to get back to work.

  • And, uh, Professor Colder have said to me, he said testing anyone under 18 doesn't make sense.

  • It doesn't make sense to test asymptomatic people, he said.

  • That's missing the point, and so again we need to go by the science.

  • We need to make a proportional response to the virus.

  • And we need better leadership in this city and in this country.

  • And that's why I plan to take London in a new direction.

  • I know we can do this.

  • The science is there.

  • We could make a proportionate response to the virus right now and take London in a new direction.

  • Please leave me your comments below.

  • Tell me what you think about this.

  • Tell me if you think that these new lock down measures are going to save more lives than it cost, That's the answer I want to know.

  • Leave me your comments below.

  • Share this video with someone who cares than it matters.

  • And let's try to find a better solution than lock down.

  • Lock down, lock down.

  • It's the wrong idea.

so it's official.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/25
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