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  • so the big news here in Britain is that the full countrywide lock down is ending in one week and everyone's very happy about that.

  • So we could potentially have a Christmas.

  • But what they're not talking about are the new harder restrictions on a new tiered system and the Tier three is the one that is most concerning.

  • And a group of 70 Tory MPs called the Cove in Recovery Group has expressed concern and said that these new tougher measures in Tier three could result in the loss of thousands of businesses.

  • And while that might not affect London in the short term, because they're talking about Tier two here, there's a lot of regions in the UK, especially our brothers and sisters up north who could easily get stuck with these two or three locked down.

  • And Professor Carl Hannigan of Oxford University recently commented that we see cases dropping across the country, probably nothing to do with lock down in my opinion.

  • But he's saying that the trend shows that we really need to reconsider these harsh tiered structures and the problem is is there is no science to the tears as far as how you go from tier one to tier two to tier three.

  • There's no cases per 100,000 on when you come to a place like London.

  • We have 32 boroughs, with each one having different infection rates.

  • And yet the current mayor of London says we all go is one, which means he's trigger happy toe lock this entire city down if one borough or two boroughs or three boroughs starts getting higher cases.

  • And as we know, uh, MAWR testing more cases as we know the test has false positives.

  • And so we could wake up in 2021 after a New Year's Eve celebration and find out, Boom!

  • We're all of a sudden back in Tier three, and our hospitality sector is decimated again.

  • The sports venues they had open are closed again, and this cycle could continue through January, February March, and we just don't know how long.

  • So before we get all excited and start clapping our hands and saying thank you so much to our government for giving us five days over Christmas to mix with our households, perhaps we should be looking closer at this Tier three system.

  • But more importantly, asking ourselves a bigger question.

  • Which is this?

  • Why are we doing all of this?

  • You know, I just had, uh, Professor Martin corridor from Harvard Medical School on my show.

  • And I'm about to have his colleague from Oxford University on London Real next week to talk about their Great Barrington Declaration.

  • And it's this concept of focus protection.

  • And he said, Brian, I realized that when you go from being a seven year old to a 70 year old, your vulnerability to the disease goes up a thousandfold, he said.

  • Brian is a scientist.

  • We rarely see something that goes up to or five times based on different age groups, he said.

  • This is unprecedented.

  • So why are we treating every age of the population the same?

  • It doesn't make sense, he said.

  • Everybody under 60 who isn't suffering from any type of medical condition should be out working, he said.

  • It makes no sense to even test anybody under 18.

  • Then why are we restricting our Children from going to school if they haven't infected?

  • Classmate?

  • None of this stuff makes sense because none of our leaders air using the science.

  • They have one tool lock down lock down, lock down and they use it and by using it way crushed the economy.

  • Because no one is talking about the cost benefit analysis.

  • I've seen studies that say it's a 10 toe, one worst case scenario when we shut the economy down because of the damage we do two jobs.

  • The actual lives lost because they can't get medical treatment, the mental health consequences on the fact that some of our businesses will never come back from this.

  • So we need to think long and hard about this tier system.

  • And again, I'm happy we're unlocking the country down.

  • But let's really look at this Tier three system and hold our politicians to make sure that either we loosen the restrictions there are we start using the science.

  • Please leave your comments below.

  • Tell me what you think share this video if it resonates with you.

  • And, uh, I appreciate you.

  • Thank you.

so the big news here in Britain is that the full countrywide lock down is ending in one week and everyone's very happy about that.

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