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  • you've been a pilot for many years.

  • Uh, you recently got to fly on one of those Thunderbirds jets.

  • Is that right?

  • Yes.

  • Yes.

  • I was invited to Nellis Air Force Base.

  • This is up maybe a year or two ago.

  • I got to invited Thio Nellis Air Force Base and flown in an X 16 Thunderbirds.

  • And this is what you do when you fly an F 16.

  • It's a secret.

  • Don't tell Mommy it was delicious.

  • Little do they know I planted planted a sabotage?

  • Uh, no way.

  • You're in private.

  • You just went completely off the rails.

  • Um, how Maney.

  • So they take you up in those flights, Those air intense.

  • You gotta pull some GS.

  • I'm boy and how?

  • Yeah, they start.

  • Um, what's crazy is like, Well, they spent the whole morning like prepping your like You're okay.

  • And, you know, you learn about the flight suit and everything.

  • And even when you get into the the airplane that they had, like my my name stenciled on on the side of the cockpit, I was like, Well, that's $5000 right there.

  • I was just telling the taxpayers, but, you know, whatever.

  • I'm not a citizen.

  • So, um anyway, yeah, we get in and the ground crews doing all these, like, elaborate like hand gestures to, like, you know, show off and stuff.

  • And the very first thing we dio is we're sitting there on the on the on the runway and he puts the brakes on and puts it into after Bernie's like you're ready.

  • I'm like, Yeah, sure.

  • And the let's go the brakes and, um slammed back into the seat and the seats on the F 16 or kind of reclined.

  • So I'm like, uh, my head's like, back and I have the weakest neck of all men, and I can't lift it up.

  • And I was like, um, for dear life.

  • And at one point so he gets up off the ground, puts the gear up and then goes, Get ready for the G s.

  • And we were a soon as you do, you hear, get ready for the GS.

  • You do this like breathing maneuver.

  • Where you going?

  • You know, keep that's right.

  • You're supposed to keep the blood in your head up in your brain.

  • Yeah, So you're squeezing your butt and your legs and your body and everything going on and you go ready for the G's and then he just goes pretty much straight up to, like, 16,000 ft, rolls over and then flies level, and I barfed.

  • And then he was like, Do you want to go back?

  • Because, like, all the all the L A people that he takes wants to go back.

  • I was like, No, Do you have another bag?

  • And he had another bag barked again.

  • You stuck it out.

  • You stuck it out.

  • You showed that you weren't one of those Hollywood celebrity.

  • You know, at least snowflakes.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • I don't want to do it.

  • Everything you describe.

  • Sounds like I don't You didn't And you didn't describe one enjoyable thing.

  • You said you're slammed back.

  • You can't breathe the blood drains from your head, and then you throw up a bunch of times And what's the good part?

  • Okay, The good part is when you when I was doing the nine Gs since I had already vomited and I was I was pressed back in the seat.

  • I was trying to do that.

  • I was actually, every time I breathed in, I was like breathing in like the like remnants of my vomit and, like, kind of choking on that.

  • It just sounds terrible.

  • You know?

  • E don't need to have that experience, because you don't.

  • I'm no, because I'm under incredible g forces all the time.

  • Called my fame Oh, Daddy, Massive deep horses pulling at me all the time because of my international fame.

you've been a pilot for many years.

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Thomas Middleditch Threw Up In An F-16 Fighter Jet - CONAN on TBS

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