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  • So it's been announced by our prime minister that locked down three point begins next week, December 2nd, with a stricter three tier system across UK, meaning millions of Brits will not be able to mix with their families until Easter.

  • Except for a short reprieve over the Christmas holidays and the Tories, the MPs are already fighting back this.

  • They formed something called the Cove in Recovery Group, which is 70 of them, and they've demanded that the prime minister prove that these measures save more lives than they cost.

  • Let me repeat that they want to see clear demonstration that these measures saved more lives than they cost.

  • And I'm so glad that they're actually making that statement because we've been talking about this for months and months and months.

  • Everyone is focused on this figure that gets bandied about every day on the front page of newspapers of quote unquote cova deaths.

  • But no one is talking about the desk that are gonna come from cancer years from now because no one got treatments.

  • The desk, that air coming from suicide, the desk, they're going to come home from mental damage.

  • The desk that are going to come because we can't fund our NHS because we have no tax revenue because we have no economy.

  • And so this group of Tory MPs are finally smartening up and saying, Well, wait a second prove these measures save Mawr lives than they cost.

  • They also went on to write further and said that the current new draconian three tier system infringes upon people's health and well being, with drastic costs, drastic economic costs to both health and well being.

  • Eso again they're finally realizing that this is not just about quantifying a death number.

  • It's really looking about the massive economic costs that were racking up here at London.

  • Real, we've been having these conversations for months and months and months.

  • Almost a year.

  • We've been having conversations like this that were banned on, uh, Social Media Platforms band, even by our regulator here in the UK off com Real talk from Nobel Prize winners that have asked the same questions.

  • Um, I had a conversation last week with the Harvard Medical Doctor Martin cold, or if one of the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration that talked about this concept called focus protection.

  • It's not rocket science, he said.

  • You are 1000 times more vulnerable to this disease if you're in your eighties than if you're eight years old 1000 times, he said.

  • We never see that in science, Brian, he said.

  • So by definition we need to treat everyone differently, he said.

  • We could simply solve this right now and get everyone under 60 who is healthy, who doesn't have diabetes, heart disease or any underlying ailment Back toe work Right now, he said, mass testing doesn't make sense because testing asymptomatic people is ridiculous.

  • Hey said, from a scientific health perspective, none of this makes sense.

  • We need to protect our elderly.

  • We need to test Maurin.

  • Are care homes on?

  • We need to protect those would co morbidity is.

  • But other than that, we should get everyone back to work.

  • This is what the science says.

  • And yet over and over again, we see our politicians ignore the science for their own agenda, which makes no sense and doesn't have anything to do with you or me.

  • The taxpayer, the small business owner, the employees, the unemployed person suffering mental health, physical health problems.

  • And it's frustrating.

  • We have a total lack of leadership.

  • We have a completely disproportionate response to the virus and a total lack of science based decision making.

  • Again, This isn't rocket science.

  • And it's nice to see some Tory MPs finally wised up.

  • There must have been watching London Real to hear some of these ideas and start asking about the cost benefit analysis.

  • I spoke weeks ago that this has been run before.

  • The cost benefit analysis of lock down has been proven by a study to be 10 toe one.

  • If you lock down, sure, you're gonna lock down.

  • And maybe you see some of those numbers that are thrown at us every day.

  • Which most is incorrect data, by the way, coming down.

  • But you're gonna pay 10 times that in later deaths in economic depravity.

  • And we've got to make these decisions now £2 billion a day.

  • We are losing in the British economy as we continue going on.

  • And the hospital hospitality sector is being absolutely crushed right now with these lockdowns on.

  • But this new tier three system So we've got to stop it now.

  • Please leave your comments below.

  • Do you think locked down three point?

  • Oh, is a good idea.

  • Do you think we shouldn't be able to mix with our families for months and months and months?

  • Do you think these are the right decisions, or do you think we should use a way of of tailoring those most vulnerable and keeping them protected?

  • It's called focus Protection.

  • Leave your comments below forward this message on to other people.

  • The best idea will win.

  • Let's keep talking about this.

  • We are getting closer.

  • People are listening, but we've got to push this through, and we've got to do it now.

So it's been announced by our prime minister that locked down three point begins next week, December 2nd, with a stricter three tier system across UK, meaning millions of Brits will not be able to mix with their families until Easter.

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